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Hi all. I am new to Blender. Well, actually this is my second time with it. I didnt give it enough time the first time around, a couple of years ago. I have been watching the video tutorials and using the program this evening. I must say, I wish I had put more effort in before.

I am a Lightwave veteran for nearly 10 years. Before that it was Infini-D. In the last couple of years I have been using Carrara as well. (more powerful than most give credit).

I want to say that I am falling in love with Blender's interface. The ability to customize it so much is wonderful. Tearing off tabs, alignment, etc. Its all there if you just take time to read or watch a tutorial or two.

Anyway, as someone who was initially turned off by the interface I suggest to all newcomers to really take a chance to view the video tutorials, they are great. Spend one evening with the program and the videos, then decide if it works for you.

Doesnt mean I am going to quit using Lightwave any time soon, but it does mean that I can really appreciate all the effort that goes into this program and I wanted to say thanks to all the hard working coders and the rest of the community for all the effort. Maybe someday, Blender will replace my other programs, until then I am "now" having a great time exploring it.


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Post by podperson »

I am hoping that the new customization options in 2.5 will allow people to develop cleaner variants of Blender's UI that defuse many of the (valid) criticisms. I hope Blender 2.5 + Some UI Settings will become the free and fabulous program Blender should by all rights be.

That said, I believe that Blender's UI issues run pretty deep, and won't be fully addressed.

The single biggest problem with Blender's UI is the attitude of the community towards well-intentioned constructive criticism. Rather than attempting to see the other guy's point of view, overly defensive enthusiasts start out by simple denial, and rapidly escalate to ad hominem attacks and, frankly, delusional arguments.

1) The fact that someone who knows Blender really well can get good work done fast is nice, but irrelevant.
2) Programs can be easy to learn AND productive. Final Cut Pro has just as many keyboard shortcuts as AVID, you just don't need to know them.
3) Non-overlapping windows are nice, but some kind of sensible naming and organization, visually distinct toggles, etc. etc. would be nicer.
4) The default behavior of a tool should be what a user reasonably expects.
5) There's a usability concept called "progressive disclosure". Look it up.
6) Congratulating yourself on Vista starting to imitate Blender is hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Blender is neither easier to learn nor more productive once learned than many of its rivals. That's why it failed as a commercial product and hasn't taken the world by storm even though it is free and highly capable. People aren't complete idiots. They use Photoshop over The GIMP because they can get more work done better.

I only visit this forum occasionally these days since everything I say seems to draw considerable ire. Feel free to disparage my intellect, parenthood, and experience.

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