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UV features request

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:16 am
by JiriH
Dear Blender fellows,

unfortunately I am not a programmer so I can not help myself. So I would like to beg Blender programmers if it would be possible to code some enhancement for UV mapping work.

It would be very handy and radically speed UV work flow to have these two features:

1) sort of pinning (lock) for manipulation with UV in UV editor. When you are stitching, aligning, moving and scaling etc. it is impossible to lock some UV. This would be very very helpful. It would be something like pinning which works for unwrapping but this UV locking would work for aligning and stitching in UV editor.

2) actually it is impossible to have one UV snapshot (UV face layout) for more separate objects, i.e. to see UV maps for more separate objects in UV editor. Only workaround is to unwrappe separate objects (which is OK) then join them all together to see all UV maps in UV editor at a time then make just one join UV snapshot of all needed obejcts toghether and then (which is really time consuming) again separate all objects (new feature separate by colour may help but it is again time conduming to add colours to all obejct and later on to delete these colours).

To have join UV face layout (UV snapshot) for more objects is very useful and time saving as well as (texture) file size saving. For example for a room with fifty objects it is definitely best to have one join colour map. To share similar texture picture by separate objects is no problem in Blender (if you UV map objects correctly). This would definitely very dramatically speed up work flow for snapping UV face layouts, draw textures in GIMP (just one picture for number of separate objects) as well as assigning the UV texture. Obejcts may share jsut one material.

I know all coders are doing their best and thank for their hard work (last Blender release is incredible :-). But if some coder is maybe thinking of new project or ideas are collected for next release it would be great to have these two features.

As Blender really matures and is actually really profession application it would be great to focus also on such little enhancements of old tools which on the other hand may mean significant boost for work flow and really speed up work. Mainly for UV work which is quite tedious it would be really welcomed :-)

Sorry to bother you please do not consider it as whining for new features but just ideas how to enhance the actual ones. Sorry I am not a coder so I do not know whether these two thing are really complicated to code.

Thank you very much

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:28 am
by JiriH
One Blender Artists Forum just told me that good example of the needed mantioned funcionaity for work with UVs is here (Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool webpage):

To explain it more simple way. Here is the short video. It explains the feature request number 1) hereabove.

Unfortunately this very simple operation, which all would expect as the first basic funcionality to work with UVs, is not possible in Blender. (If yes please correct me and give the advice.)

I was also told that mentioned Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool code is based on Blender and is opensource and the author is also Blender fan. Would not that be perfect to cooperate with the author for Blender UV features enhancement? His contact is here

Maybe one of Google Summer of Codes projects.

I think there is a time not just to focus to release dozen of "brand new sexy" things in Blender but to more develop also quite old fetures.

Thank you

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:43 am
by JiriH
I have just read the Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Toll web pages in detail and I am really impressed and amazed. UV tools are really excelent and not only the onec I have mentioned hereabove. The stretch vizualization in 3d preview is really briliant tool.

And most chocking??? Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Toll is based on Blender and is released under the GNU license!!!

I hope it will be integrated some day or there will be a plug-in. As it is derived from Blender I do not think it sould be a problem for coders.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:29 pm
by brecht_
Quite old feature? :) This tool was created with the UV mapping code from Blender 2.42.

I don't see in that video anything you can't do in Blender. If you want to weld two pieces together, just remove the seam and unwrap again? This is what is done in the video. But, they do have the automatic re-unwrapping when changing seams, didn't finish that yet (hint: set rt to 8 in the scene buttons).

The stretch visualisation might be nice to add, it was once in tuhopuu.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:06 pm
by JiriH
I have just got a mail from authors of Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool regarding my questio of integration in Blender:

"Hi there

I'm a Commercial Maya artist (I work for Sony) who ocassionally uses Blender/Python. I have only really limited use of Blender's UV mapping tools but they seem good to me. Though I would like to see the 'polygon stretching' implemented in Blender. As Roadkill is open source if you find a friendly Blender programmer and CONVINCE them that Blender needs this feature then it shouldn't be too hard to add (Andy said the code is dead simple).

Personally I think the area Blender is lacking most is the GUI. When it gets tidied up and user definable hotkeys are added then I will be much more comfortable with it.



I think this is very positive approach. So the next step is to find Blender developer who would help them :-)

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:24 am
by matt_e
brecht_ wrote:But, they do have the automatic re-unwrapping when changing seams, didn't finish that yet (hint: set rt to 8 in the scene buttons).
Oho! Now that is sweet! I hope you find the time to get it finished :)