Chance open gl version up to 2.0?

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Chance open gl version up to 2.0?

Post by jd-multi »

Someone told me there's a new version of open gl called 2.0. This will increase the speed of the game engine I think. Are they planning to update the open gl for blender.? :D

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Post by LethalSideParting »

Well, someone had to answer :D

Yes, as I understand it, there are plans in the works to implement OpenGL 2.0 into the Blender graphics pipeline. There's just one teensy-weensy little problem - OpenGL 2 hasn't been released yet :oops: :?

A quick llook at shows that OpenGL is still on version 1.4. There have been a lot of industry rumblings and whispers about OpenGL 2.0 (you can even download a few specification papers if you want to!), but there's nothing substantive yet, unfortunately.

GL2 will give Blender one hell of a speed increase, and will also allow for more details in the preview windows, so you'll have a better idea of what textures and lighting will look like in your final scene before you render it. But until the OpenGL review board gets a move on and releases something substantive, I'm afraid we're all just gonna have to sit on our hands and wait :cry:

Hope this helped.


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Post by Pjotr »

Yeah opengl 2 isn't out yet. And i dunno when. But i don't think it will give a big boost to blender. But it could make the code even more easier.
And about better preview i think it can be done with pixel shaders already. It's just messy now with different videocard that support different shader languanges :(

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Will opengl2 make a difference

Post by z3r0_d »

opengl 2 will allow more detail in windows, but what cost will it come at

honestly opengl hasn't progressed as much because of poor support, and the number (and differences of) the platforms it runs on. It would not surprize me if only top-of-the-line video cards support opengl2, and the gl2 interface chooses to do all rendering in software rather than offload any work to the hardware on other (not top-of-the-line) cards.

so, opengl2.0 has the POTENTIAL to signifiantly improve blender's editing features (the render possibly could be ported to it, but I see no reason to do so considering that different hardware easily could produce a different render), but I doubt it will. Or if it does it will not be very soon (next windows release)

It is currently possible to simulate a lot of what is done by the renderer in a shaded preview, but opengl2 will make that easier. Things like real-time bumpmapping, lighting, and full material rendered per pixel in the shaded preview, and rendered in a reasonable amount of time are possible, but I doubt it will be seen soon.

(besides, many of the things that blender does doesn't port well to gl, such as the bumpmapping by image stuff, the bumpmap is more of a heightmap, when bumpmapping in realtime is done with a normal map)

the game engine could use some graphical improvements, but none of the ones I know of will be benefited by opengl2. (alpha face sorting, some alpha test functionality (possibly with a color-key generated alpha channel), more efficent (and abstract) particles ...)

it could help, but I doubt it will soon

then again I am a pessimist that likes finding myself wrong

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