The new Sculpt tool.

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The new Sculpt tool.

Post by Lomacar » Sat Mar 03, 2007 7:23 pm

Hi Developers.

The new sculpt tool in blender is quite cool, however I have a couple issues (so far) with it. I am spankin' new to this and I cant find any documentation on it so correct me if I am wrong but...

Sculpting with a stylus/tablet doesn't work at all if you are using the more normal left-button select option for blender. When I switched it to the backwards but default Select with: Right Mouse. Then it worked.

Also I would like to see an auto-smoothing option or slider for at least the Draw, Inflate and Pinch modes. So as you draw it would pull out the vertices and then smooth them a bit so the results aren't so jagged. Maya has this feature with its sculpt tool.

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