Feature request: Logitech SpaceNavigator support

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Feature request: Logitech SpaceNavigator support

Post by Jan101 »

Hi everyone,

I would be really greatful if Blender would support the Logitech SpaceNavigator as it seems to be quite useful.

Is there any way to get it working with Blender 2.43 or is it planned to support it in any new version in the near future?

Windows and/or Linux support would be great!



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Post by ibkanat »

second that.

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Post by joeri »

As I understand it is the device handling part of blender going to re-written making adding other devices possible.
But I think that sending the foundation a version of the device you want supported will increase changes of support a whole lot.
I don't think the BF has the funding to buy all kinds of devices that might be usefull to somebody.

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Post by stiv »

In addition to the point joeri mentions, it also helps if the device can be accessed thru standard interfaces and does not have a proprietary SDK.

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