Feature Request: Disable AO on select objects

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Feature Request: Disable AO on select objects

Post by modron »

I occasionally run into a situation, as with my current project, where a shadeless object is interfering with the AO. Currently, I am making a superhero anim, set in a city, and, because the 'real' setting in the world is only affected by the rotation of the camera, not the position in space, I made, for the sky, a shadeless sky dome. This of course affects the AO for the entire scene. So, though I found there was a workaround with nodes, which is fairly complicated, it seems it would be better to be able to set the skydome, to not affect the AO for the rest of the scene.

Thanks for your consideration.


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Post by matt_e »

This is no good if you want it to reflect etc, but you can disable traceable on the material, and it won't be visible to AO.

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