"Multiple-Light-Dome" suggestion

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"Multiple-Light-Dome" suggestion

Post by luckybreak »

Wouldn't it be good if under the Lights option on the tool box there was a "dome of lights" primitive. Click this and a array of linked lights would appear in your scene maybe all editable from 1 parent light. I think 3dmax introduce an option like this in version4 or something. This would allow nice soft all round light as used by Landis in his...see his work in progress thread here for an example...
http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic. ... c&start=75

What do people think?

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Post by jeotero »

i think it was an external script in 3dsmax

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Post by ray_theray »

It's not terribly hard to do this by hand in Blender. Press Space, add a Mesh -> Icosahderal Sphere with Subdiv of 2. Delete the bottom half of the vertices in edit mode (TAB) - select everything, and delete all edges and faces if you want. Scale it up with S until it encloses everything in the scene. Now add a spotlight, parent it to the sphere and select "Dupliverts" and "Rot" right by it in the edit buttons with the sphere selected. You might need to flip normals on the sphere and rotate the light a little, but you have a fairly quick and dirty light dome and need only to edit one light to affect them all.

[EDIT] Do'h- I forgot, S68 already made a tutorial on duplivert lighting. http://www.selleri.org/Blender/tuts/SoftLight.pdf

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Post by xand »

there's a script by jms for this

http://jmsoler.free.fr/didacticiel/blen ... mpedespots

take a look at elysiun


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Post by Landis »

I have to agree with luckybreak. As easy as it may be to set this (a light dome using the duplivert method, etc.) up for most users, it would be nice to have it just "a click away". Take some of the prefabricated meshes that are provided in the tool box for example. It is not very difficult to create a plane though the option is there in the tool box so why not a light dome under lamps? Granted, you simply cannot offer every possible option to a tool box because it eventually becomes cluttered and difficult to navigate which slowly leads to defeating the soul purpose of the tool box, however, I feel that this is something to be considered not just because competeing software packages have already offered features similar to this in the past, but more importantly, to increase the efficiency of Blender's tool box for tommorows 3D artist today.

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