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Blender interface

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:45 am
by Hobi
Hi, friends

I am a beginner, who met your Blender, when I was looking for a 3D program for me. I downloaded Blender 2.45 and loaded a first Session. After an acknowledgment with the working area I downloaded some tutorials to find the way, how to... The most of tuts say the same thing. It´s harder to get an orientation in working area for the beginners. I have some suggestions for you, which I found after a research about the ergonomic informations related to a creating an interfaces, and my feeling of it.


There is very important using the colors for a beginners. Not any "roaring face" but a light pastel (soft blending) areas, related to a proper functions - radiosity panels with another blending than a texturing panels etc... They will help to divide the button area into the smaller blocks, which will be raised up from that "big grey area with a lot of grey buttons" that makes that feeling of user-unfriendly and difficult environment. I suggest to use a rounded style too as for a buttons, as so for a panels. A little 3D shapes are good too, to make a "cushion design". For a beginners it makes very friendly feeling (especially for children). In combination with the light color blending it encourages them to create with a fun and to play with it. The related "calling function buttons" with the same color framing. The important buttons in all panels will be blended with a standard color as it is now, color-setting buttons with the proper color dots, a drawers and drop-down menus with some common colors too, etc... The background area should remain light grey. Than the colored "cushions" of the button-panels will appear more expressive, even if the colors will be really soft. They can even have a soft shadow, for a real 3D feeling. The names of the working areas (front, top ...) will be seen in this setting as default.

But there is still one important condition: the working area must be more lighter. That dark grey color of the default setting is really anti-creative or even depressive. And it is not only my meaning. Give this color white or very light for this setting, with a possibility to set the lightness of it. The light color gives the need to fill it with some things - like a white paper for a child with a pencil. Try to see when you are walking outdoor: where is the most of graffiti on the walls? On the light or dark areas? :@)

This setting I should name "Funny", "Playmate" or so, and I should set it as a default. So, the beginner will meet this face at the first load. I mean that after some consultations with an ergonomy experts you would encourage to add something from my suggestions to your Blender. Make it funny, and it will attract a lot of the new kids to a block ! It´s clear, that an "old dogs" will laugh about this, but try to ask the beginners and especially children for it!


The second setting will be for an advanced ones. They are working with a greater projects, which take a longer time and so the eyes can be more tired from a staring at the light or colored areas. So, there will be a dark or black face, with a rounded or oval and 3D buttons too, but a little - only for a feeling of machine panel controls. For an easier transition of beginners to this interface there will be the colors too. But only as a framing thin lines around the panels, and a colored letters on the buttons (the second group is more experienced, so their need of the color orientation will not be so expensive). And colored frames for related calling function buttons of course. The color will be correspond with the color of this function in the previous setting. The important buttons, drawers, drop-down menus etc... will have the same color of letters or/and framing lines, as it is a color of it´s parallels if the previous setting. The color of the working space again settable.

I should name this setting "2nd floor", "Handy"...


The third setting will be for a "profi" group. The same settings as for advanced ones, but almost no colors (the most of functions are called by a keys in this group). Only colored framing of panels and related calling buttons, and colors of letters/frames for an important buttons, drawers... All colors related to a beginner setting.

The name of this setting will be "Old dog", "Profi" or so...


I mean, that those new settings will expand the profi design of your Blender without too expanding of disk-space needs. As we are saying here, "it doesn´t eat the bread; it can stay here". Huh ... Some little color changes - great acceptability changes. The default grey setting can stay here too, for comparing, but I mean that not too much of users will use it after.

So this is all I had on my heart. I am looking forward to your response, whatever it will be. Bohumil Lipka, Czech Rep., Europe :@)

P.S. Is there correspondence of the new Blender with a new Terragen 2 ? And, excuse my bad English, I am an alien

P.P:S. Mr. Ton Roosendaal dedicated my letter to this comunity.

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:04 am
by impaler
You have made some nice points about color which I don't think gets thought about enough. With what you are saying the only way to meet the requirements of the user groups you have found would be to create color themes by the users and combine them into a selected official group of themes with this reasoning explained.

Have fun with Blender :)

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:28 pm
by pinhead_66
hello ,

New ideas are always welcome.... , so thank you for them.

I would humbly ask the both of you to perform a search on this forum about threads concerning the interface and read up on this subject. Humor me.

Discussions about the interface are..... tricky ....

Requests concerning the interface are welcome, if en when there is sufficient understanding why things work now the way they work and current workflow is improved.

I hope this thread doesn't meet the same ill fate of so many others concerning the interface...

humbly yours

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 1:40 pm
by Hobi
Well, I made this letter after my first feeling which is allways subjective, but true for this. Now I made some opinions with interface and made some my own settings. I can offer it. But my feeling of little chaotic buttons settings are not coming just from me. I´ve red a lot about it from an experienced 3D creators too. I can translate some opinions to your language, if there will be some interest. I think, that not only studying how and why something works by it´s way, but if it is user friendly too, is important. Hobi :@)