better (?) taper feature

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better (?) taper feature

Post by bullx »

Hi Guys,

I' ve a suggestion regarding the curve "taper" function.

the taper curve uses "distance from center" to estimate the thickness
and it use the "total lenght" of the curve to spread the deformation to
all the bev-object.

in the past we had some demonstration on animating a bev-object using
keys on the taper curve.
this effect is usefull for tentacles, animated arrows, videographic, etc.

my suggestion is to use distance from centre to last handle of the
taper-curve to spread deformation on the bev-object (instead of
total-lenght of taper-curve), in this way i can have a complex shape "on
the left" of the centre that is not visible till the moment in which i
use keys.

this should give more controll and let you for example begin your
animation with a no-thickness object
this give you more option because you can do exactly what you do now if
you move your vertex between te centre end the last hande but you have
more otions if you decide to have some handles "on the left" of the centre
I also think is more "logic" because it works the same way for giving
thickness (the distance between centre an curve is taken into
consideration and have effects on the final object)

This image will explain better than my poor english:

thank you for your attention.

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