Feature Request for Blenders Node Compositor Editor

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Feature Request for Blenders Node Compositor Editor

Post by poutsa »

Feature Request:

If you press the "Backdrop" Button in Blenders Compositor Editor you can see the Viewer node output Image behind the Nodes!
Sometimes when you have to much Nodes in use you canot see Clearly the Backdrop Image ....so you have to Select all Nodes and Hide them to have some more optical space to see the Backdrop Image complete or move the Backdrop Image or the Nodes to a Position so you have free View to the Backdrop Image!

So my Feature Request:
Press the "S" Button and Hold for Show the Backdrop in Blenders Node Compositor and the Backdrop Image comes in front of the Nodes (so you can see it clearly) so long you have the "S" Button pressed and when you let the "S" Button (free it not pressed) the Backdrop Image is again Behind the Nodes!

I dont know if something like this is possible or usefull...thats only a Idea!

Sorry for my English...!?

I hope you understand what i mean!



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