"Earth Zoom" ... is it possible with Blender ?

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"Earth Zoom" ... is it possible with Blender ?

Post by patricks » Wed Dec 19, 2007 5:42 am

Hi everybody

i was trying the other day to recreate this tutorial in Blender "Earth Zoom" which you can find here

i thought i could get it working but i find myself stopped by Blender geometry scale limit and camera view and location limit . Is there any way to make this work ( maybe with the node compositor ?) ..... i really try everything but i could not find a workaround .
In the compositor i did not find any way to scale the geometry without scaling the texture too ......

the only way i see that this could be made in Blender would be with a wider rang for camera location and view and bigger geometry scale

any idea ?

Greetings Patrick

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Post by preacher_mg » Sat Dec 22, 2007 6:18 pm

I did this once in 3DS max. I had the same problem with scale there. Now, the tutorial you showed was for video editing, while I did it in 3D using a round earth model. I used a sequence of textures which I took from google maps and then edited so each was exactly four times the resolution of the previous, but still same size. I started off with a sphere, and subdivided a segment a few times, each time applying another image in the middle few polygons, then repeating.
Still, the solution was the same: I split the sequence in two. The first was a zoom from entire earth view to, I don't remember, a few hundred KM up, say entire city view.
I then saved as a new file, got rid of all the polygons outside my direct view, and rescaled the entire scene by a thousand. when rendering, it still looked the same, but now I could continue to create my zoom-in all the way to a single house.

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