S.O.S Advanced problems with normal calcs.

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S.O.S Advanced problems with normal calcs.



Pictures of my problem can be found on


WTRACKCOMPONENTS.bmp scanned objects
WTRACKDSIDED.bmp the beautifull result
WTRACKCULLFACED.bmp my nightmare in action ->result with cullface

hi, I use david laser scanner, import .obj from there, fill the holes and overlaping stuff with remove doubles. The problem is, with so many vertex points the remove double func flips some normals randomly. In double sided modus(sadly blender standard) I didn't recognize while 500h of work that when I load the blender result in a cullfaced engine ---> I have 10000 of holes again.

-->Select by similiar normal didn't work for my use. The selected fliped normal does match the right ones on the otherside.
-->Recalculate normals out and inside resulted in bigger areas of random fliped normals.
-->LetterRip's tipp to use Decimate function instead of Remove Double func was also not the key to my problem. I had to start from the beginning to test the Decimate func, its a very nice function to reduce vertexes, but it didn't fill the holes like when i reduce the vertexes with Remove double func.

---->Tipp to Blender programmers, please make a new function<--- select(normal inside or outside) . So we can flip it after selection and I can finish this boring project after all that time.

thanks a lot

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If you post an example mesh, I will take a look and try to help you ;)
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