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First post to this forum. First off I have to say that this is just a graphic design I have been working on. This design has been in progress for a week or so now. I am looking for C/C (crits & comments) on it. I am staying with the non-overlaping theme. it is really visually fast. The concept incorporates the idea of a Content Management System (you can see it on the right hand side). The rest of the design lets tabs do the work.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts about this design. more sketch's will follow. link below..


Thanks in advance for thoughts that you have on this


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That looks interesting! Although the graphics would need to look sleeker than what you've shown (in my opionion though), you seem to be in the right direction. And also to note of multiple layouts (game, model, scripting, animation, etc.). If you have too many of those windows, then it could cause some problems of over cluttering since the program is currently built to allow many custom layouts. I liked the combo box feature that it has already. But if you really want to have it the way it is, then at least have a 'custom' button that shows a list of custom made layouts.

You would have to show how to close the scenes (a close button?) and find some way to make it so that not too many scenes make it difficult to determine what scene is what without the aggrivation of flipping through many tabs (maybe have multiple tab groups that shows only so many scenes at a time).

As for the material preview, I liked the easy object switch for the material preveiw (box, sphere, fur, monkey, particles, etc.). You should keep it. The color chooser box was good the way it was, since it provided a way to provide color values for RGB.

Going back to the overall layout, the widget windows (like SSS, Raytrace, Texture, etc.) should stay the same. I like it how I can just rearrange it the way I want it to and to collapse them when I don't need it at the time. Plus, keep the controls as it was before. This allows more controls and a larger workspace to work with. Don't make the fonts so big. But at the same time, don't make it so small that it can't be read at larger screen resolutions. And maybe look at menu icons maybe?

The main thing to realize is that I think that you should take a closer look at all the features and how they interact with each other. How does it make the present workflow easy to use? Will the new design slow down the workflow? And if it does, how will I make it so that it makes my workflow will just be as efficient and quick (if not faster)? Take a look at what other 3D Content Creation Suites do and how it makes it fast. I'm not asking you to do any design ripping, but to at least look by example for ideas.

You are on the right track. I've always thought that Blender needed a redesign. The present layout is easy to use, but it does have a steep learning curve that drives away some new users. Your proposed layout looks easier for someone to figure out and looks more minimal. It just needs more improvements before it would be ready.

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