Help: when I add new object, camera - cannot see them!

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Help: when I add new object, camera - cannot see them!

Post by Koblesky »

I was working on a tutorial for a while, and all of the sudden, I cannot add any new objects or cameras. It says I added them, shows up in the outliner. but I cannot see them in the 3D View.

It has to be something simple....anyone here know what it is?

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Post by SaltyOREO »

for a second there, i thought you might have been in the wrong layer but you cant add objects? that is odd indeed.

Sorry but i would really recommend re-installing but make sure you have back up files of all of your work jsut incase it continues.

Best of luck,
Brandon Engle

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Post by stiv »

More likely you are doing something strange.

Best place to start looking for answers is the user forums and docs:

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