2.45-2.46rc1 issue with window "rollup"

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2.45-2.46rc1 issue with window "rollup"

Post by FuzzCube »

I've discovered this: when you are using a windows program like pitachio (what I use) and have settings for rollup window (double click or whatever on title bar and it hides contents

and only shows title bar) this causes an issue in blender in where the layout of panels becomes messed up leaving a big empty space on the top half of the screen with the panels offset

to the lower half and to correct it you must actually resize the entire window

above is the website, the software is free if someone wants to test

settings for this are under----setting of mouse shortcut--------------titlebar-------(under any property) select roll up/down

Using vista home premium
not sure if it affects xp

anyway......... :D

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Post by jesterKing »

I don't have this problem with xoblite ( http://xoblite.net ). It's a blackbox clone for windows, and thus bringing an entire windowing system to windows. In other words: your solution is broken.


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