Migrating from Max to Blender - a few questions...

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Migrating from Max to Blender - a few questions...

Post by Deathbliss »

OK, so we'll get right to the point... I'm what is called a spline modeler in Max. In order for me to move to Blender I need tutorials that cover its equivalent. But I read somewhere that Blender doesn't have splines. So how would I migrate from Max to Blender considering this? Any links to tutorials, especially video tutorials, that cover this or the migration process would be much appreciated!

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- Deathbliss
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Post by SaltyOREO »

Micah Fitch wrote:Blender's primary geometry is polygonal, and I think most 3D cad programs do no use this. Many of the surfaces used in architecture are mathematical curves, like arcs, circles, and splines. Blender has Splines, but there are no tools to compare two curves you have just made mathematically, or line them up, or loft along a curve to create an accurate geometrical surface. Expanding the NURBS modeler in blender might be a good start for making blender a good CAD modeler, but it's a long way off right now.
Apparently it does

Hope that helped, check out the full post here here:
http://www.blendernation.com/2006/04/27 ... n-blender/

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