Not sure GingerBread Man is a good first Tutorial

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Not sure GingerBread Man is a good first Tutorial

Post by JenniferBlender »

I was just wondering if I am the only one having a difficult time with the GingerBread Man Tutorial.
I'm on my second .blend file for this Tutorial starting again from scratch.
First, the tutorial does not match up with the 2.46 version of blender.
For example on the second half of the GBM Tutorial, the fifth screen shot down shows making the body to parent. The menu options for this are different than the tut. 2.46 does not offer 'Create from closest bones'

On my second try at the GBM I can select my bones, tab to Edit mode, f9 edit buttons and my bones are not listed.
Try to go to the next step, select body, then bones, ctrl P and the menu just says 'Make Parent'?.

I am feeling really stupid getting stuck on this tut and frustrated. Almost 10 hours into this tutorial alone.

I'm just thinking maybe more should have been discussed on selecting objects, making objects the active object, etc. If I knew more of what I was doing wrong of course I could suggest more.

I understand this is all done by volunteers (maybe I'm wrong on that).
I don't want to gripe, but is this normal?
I really want to learn this program.

...and that's my harangue for today, sorry.
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Post by pinhead_66 »

welcome to blender

Unfortunately blender evolves so fast, that the documentation and tutorials get outdated pretty quick.

Maybe try a few other tutorials. There are plenty lying around on the internet.

Percevere, blender is a great program

greets pin

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Post by LetterRip »


I'd use 2.45 for the Gingerbread man tutorial to learn the basics of Blender. There have been some minor changes and the tutorial hasn't been updated yet, so that will cause some confusion for you.


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Post by Baisleac »

I am loving this program and I am determined to master it even though it's taken me a few days to get through the "30 minute" tutorial! After numerous false-starts, I also managed to get to the part where automatic skinning is supposed to happen and I too have now realised that I have a different version of Blender to that used in the Gus tutorial.

Is there a simple way of completing the skinning step in the newer version of Blender?

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