Help about the new panel in blender 2.46

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Help about the new panel in blender 2.46

Post by lordgodgiven »

Hello everybody,

I'm very happy to use the new version of blender but i've some problems with the new panel, cloth and the new system of particles. If someone can help with tutorial or a link to find informations about that, it's will be gainful for me.

Many thanks to developpers team for bender


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Post by alarionfirn »

If your unfamiliar with new or old features of Blender you can always read the manual, which is located here: It explains nearly every aspect of the particle system. Not sure if there are any tutorials out yet covering the new particle system since it's fairly new :wink:

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Post by stiv »

Reading the Release Notes for a new version is always a good idea. You can find a link on the download page at

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