[Request] Improved background image handling

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[Request] Improved background image handling

Post by akiross »

Hello there :)
I often use background images as reference when drawing in 3D, and I'm wondering why one still need to set it by scaling and offsetting using the view's background image panel.

Wouldn't be a better way to can actually move, rotate and resize (stretch, shrink and whatever you think may be useful) the background image in the window? With the mouse, like it was a plane mesh automagically mapped with the choosen image.

Like a "Background mode": when one enters it, meshes are freezed and you've control over background (or a button to activate/deactivate).

In this way it's simpler (and much faster) to set different images while the project is in development - and not only in the beginning.
This is more evident if your images are pictures taken from somewhere, and you have not control over it.

#exclude <windows.h>

Blend'n 4 jesus
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Post by Blend'n 4 jesus »

Actually I was thinking of asking whether or not we could have a hotkey for opening the background image panel. :P

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