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Post by solmax » Fri Oct 18, 2002 4:02 am

With opening the sources there is the great opportunity of making a lot of things better, but also the danger of making things worse!
blenders interface is tough to learn, but honestly, it's the MOST EFFICIENT I'veever seen. It's little things that make life easier, like menus which pop-up right underneath your mouse or all the shortcuts. This "philosophy" shouldn't change for no reason!
I've thought quite a lot about improving GUI, so here are some of my thoughts.
- A general selection sensitive Attribute Editor would be nice and speed things up. This would integrate Lights, Cameras, Armatures and Objects.
- Material and Texture Editor should be one and NOT selection sensitive
- The rest of the Button windows makes sense and doesn't need to be changed, but each could be reorganized and optimized a little bit. Some buttons are faaar too big and waste space, since space will be needed with additional blender functionality they should become smaller.
- Within the IPO window the user should be able to choose between user scale and fixed h-scale, this is very useful when working with multiple stacked IPO windows
- When working with relative vertex keys, the user should be able to change names of the keys. When working with more then five, six keys (which happens most of the time when working on facial animation) efficiency drops radically since you have to switch back and forth and check which expression is the one you need
- Last but not least support for a second monitor would be GREAT! I simply think of a second window which can be configured as needed, for example showing the attribute and material editor, a couple of IPO windows and an Image Window..

In it's current state blender's interface is superior to any other program I know. I think there is no need to overload it with menues and provide different ways for one function (as seen in beloved windows). This makes it only bigger and complicated. The better aproach is to provide one way for one function so that the user has to learn it only once. This philosophy is one of the key features that make blender so powerful. It shouldn't be abandoned. The only crucial part is a good documentation (maybe a integrated help system?), but when available everyone will learn blender fast.

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