[Feature request] a feature gone missing wanted back again!

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[Feature request] a feature gone missing wanted back again!

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Thanks for all the work that went into 2.48 &2.48a! The only trouble is, when I need to UV Map anything I have to go back to 2.47, as it had a feature I used all the time for mapping and I really don't want to work without it.

"Draw Shadow Mesh". Yes, I need to be able to see the bits I have already mapped and pinned down, even when those parts aren't selected in Edit mode. It makes the later stages of mapping a complex model many times easier, and in 2.48 it went missing. Can we have it back please?

I tried the thread labelled "About feature requests" but the links were giving me (and others from what I read) errors like "page missing" or "permission denied", so I followed the other bit of advice and posted here.

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