Framerate / Timing

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Framerate / Timing

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I am having problems with the framerate in Blender when animating.

We have a simple rig of a character I am animating with at 10FPS in Blender with scripts that run on the redraw. If I play animations back, Blender at about 80% of the framerate.

I have done a number of tests with Blender to see what the problem is and have found that even with the default scene, the framerate runs 80% slower with no scripting or anything.

If I sync the timeline to audio so Blender drops frames, then the default scene plays back and so does my animation. My animation drops frames here. The problem is that I would like Blender not to drop frames, but no amount of optimising my models, animations & scripts seems to have had any effect on the framerate - it still plays back at around 80% of the speed.

As a comparison, I have a script that iterates through the timeline and calls the same scripting & redraw for each frame as a sort of "renderer". This runs 4 times faster than Blender's timeline so it does not seem to be a speed issue with my computer or does it??

Does anyone have any tips / suggestions as to why the un-sync'd framerate of Blender seems so poor & consistently so across a variety of scenes?



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