looking at blender, question about tools from newbie

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looking at blender, question about tools from newbie

Post by cakewalkr7 »

I have been using modo for a while now and although I love it's modeling capabilities and renderer I feel it just doesn't have enough under the hood right now. Blender looks interesting but before I invest weeks getting to know things I thought I'd just ask if it had the same or similar features that I find valuable in modo.

Some of my favorite tools in modo are double clicking an edge to select an edge loop, the loop slice option, falloffs, action centers and being able to select 2 polygons and then hitting L to get the loop. I'm sure there are a few more but these are some of the real time savers that I am hoping Blender also has or has similar features because I'd hate to lose them. Thanks.

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Post by kAinStein »

Blender has quite some nice selection options. The CTRL-E menu is your friend (you can use a number key for direct access in menus). Same with the "Select" menu in the window header.

Some sort of shortcuts for the shortcuts:
ALT-RIGHTMOUSE (or left mouse button - depending on your settings) - Select edge loop
CTRL-ALT-RIGHTMOUSE - Select edge ring

IIRC is edge slice quite similar to CTRL-R in Blender.

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