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Re: Sorry if I'm not getting it...

Post by jesterKing »

superlung wrote:...but where does a non-developer submit a feature request?

The original post tells you all about it. As another place, you can submit your proposals to http://www.blenderstorm.org


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Post by jgray »

The original post tells you all about it.
The original post is wrong. There is no visible section at projects.blender.org that gives a way to submit feature requests. There is a link back to the wiki.blender.org. Ultimately, it looked like I should add a section to http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:R ... ts/Editing but I don't have permission because I'm not in the developers group yet.
You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason:

The action you have requested is limited to users in one of the groups docboard, developers, BSoD.
http://www.blenderstorm.org does look promising.

By the way, it took more than an hour just to learn this much. The website is full of great features, but it looks like it has 7 years worth of features, notes, and documentation, many of which have been obsolete for at least 2 years. I had to sign up for about 6 accounts through the whole process.[/url]
J Gray, SW Engineer

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Post by kamass »

My opinion.

- He would be good a precision cut tool. For example: Silo, Maya etc. Blender is very good but the knife tool is grrr.

- Perspective render, not only camera.

- "click" Bezier creating (not extrude)

- (selectable) ALT+lmb to rotate scene, ALT+mmb to pan scene.

As other 3D programs that let the conversion be easier.

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Post by neostyles »

kamass wrote: - (selectable) ALT+lmb to rotate scene, ALT+mmb to pan scene.
Definitely. Many programs use this scheme, and including it would give users the benefit of familiarity.

1) Highlighting when me select an axis for manipulators (move, scale, rotate, etc.) .

2) Having the options menu hidden and having to drag it down made no sense at all. It was almost like Blender didn't want you to discover it.

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Shallow Water Solver

Post by adamjacobs173 »

Hi all,

I already posted this in the forum, but if this is the (surrogate) official feature requests thread...

Bit of a humongous feature request here, but I think it would be totally worth it just for the amount of possibilities it would create.

I think it would be incredibly useful just to have a simple shallow water solver built into blender, to supplement the el'beem solver.

The shallow water equations govern the motion of water's surface, and can handle waves and horizontal flow, but not full 3D simulation.

This would be useful as:

a. It would be A LOT faster than the 3d solver. If implemented on the GPU, it might even be possible to use it in games.

b. Many situations do not require the use of a full 3D solver: ripples on the surface of a pool, a flowing stream/river, or waves on the sea could all be handled by this solver.

c. It could be extended to meet even more situations e.g. integrated with the particle system to simulate splashes or foam, or used with the wind effector to produce surface waves.

I toyed with the idea of making this myself, but although I basically understand the maths behind it, I have NO programming experience whatsoever.

I realise this would be a huge undertaking, but it would be a great addition to blender as an animation tool if any dev picked this up and ran with it.



P.S. Here are some papers that might help:

Shallow Water Simulation
http://www.sintef.no/project/Heterogene ... alwave.pdf

Bubbles and Foam (by Nils Thuerey)
http://graphics.ethz.ch/~thuereyn/downl ... _sca07.pdf

Addition of a 3D layer on top of a shallow water framework (by Ron Fedkiw)
http://physbam.stanford.edu/~fedkiw/pap ... 006-01.pdf

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Post by charleslin »

i would like to see blender become more animator friendly by implementing a sort of a "free rotate" tool (unless there already is one and I don't know about it). All too often, I would just like to be able to grab the control and rotate it however I want and not have to be limited by my camera or use of the axis controls. Makes my animation workflow within blender sooo very tedious and ever so slow.

Also a "channelbox" would be nice. A list of attributes in a section of the buttons window that are keyable so that I won't have to rely on drawing the darn sliders out with curves. This also slows down the workflow.

I know blender is really sweet for modellers, but for animators, I personally hate hate hate using blender. I hate having to be limited to camera angle or axis to rotate. Where is the euler filter for the animation curves so I can clean up gimbal?

I hate having to make/pick seperate individual controls for something as simple as footroll or toetwist, where it would be much more convenient to have it all on one translatable, rotatable, scaleable control curve which also contains the attributes that can do it all.

Sorry for the rant, just would like to see blender more animator friendly.
And, also, as previous posters have mentioned, it would be nice to have a alt-lmb rotate view and alt-mmb pan view function.

these things that seem small and picky can seriously add up to workflow efficiency.

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Post by .neo.style$|nvDX »

-Perspective render
-Highlighting on the selected axis for widgets
-Easier to use options menu
-The ability to customize your camera rotation/panning keys + presets that are based on major apps like modo, wings, mirai, 3Dsmax, etc.

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More Friendly Modifiers ...

Post by Elcrapocrew »

There are several modifiers in blender that rely on yet another modifier to function correctly (the new smoke modifier, or the explode modifier for example) however if you are not familiar with the functions you wont know this is so. To that end I propose to the following: make Blender less daunting to new users and more convenient for experienced users by making blender (when a modifier is added that depends on another modifier) generate the necessary modifier with some arbitrary default values.

This would give instant feedback to the artist and significantly reduce confusion for new users trying to understand the way blender works.

Another idea (although i am not sure of its merit : ) is that when a modifier like this is added the necessary requisite modifier could be wrapped inside the desired modifier in the UI.

For example the new smoke modifier requires a particle system in order to function, so when a user adds the smoke modifier the user then must add a new particle instance as well AND place it higher in the modifier stack before they can begin to use the smoke effect they were going for in the first place, in addition to this the settings for the smoke and the particle modifiers are in separate areas of the UI.

But if when the user added the smoke modifier, blender automatically generated the necessary particle system modifier with some default parameters AND placed the buttons to adjust those setting INSIDE the same modifier frame as the smoke modifier then the need to jump about the UI to tweak all the settings for a single effect would be alleviated AND adding complex modifiers like smoke and explosions would be greatly simplified for everyone.

Please contact me at the following email address if my meaning is unclear or anyone needs more info: Elcrapocrew (at) gmail (dot) com

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Post by yngndrw »

The requests tracker link in the OP is broken so I'm posting my request here.

First off I'm a new user so sorry if this can already be enabled in an option, but I haven't found it yet !

My suggestion is simply to add a text label showing that view is being displayed (Top, Left, etc) next to the axis in the bottom left corner of the 3D View. Additionally it could tell you if its in Orthographic or Perspective mode. (O or P)


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Post by CaptainCavern »

Add synchronization between Blender and Jack.
Blender + Ardour = Kaboom :D

Thanks for Blender. This application made me a CG artist and I work with it (in professional context) during 10 years now. So thank and thank again.

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Post by zingbat »

The new Blender architecture looks much more flexible. My suggestion generate a binding for the Java language so we can extend Blender with scripts made from Java classes. Modern Java VMs are very fast, almost as fast as native code in general. All major platforms have a JVM installed.

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Post by milan981 »

It would be great if keyboard shortcuts can be changed. So that users who previously used maya. xsi, 3ds max etc...can now use Blender and configure it, to use same keyboard shortcuts as they used in their previous software .

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Python console request

Post by NoIdea »

I'm going to try solve this myself, if I can, but there is no way to guarantee success at this point as I'm still learning Python :)

1) Is it possible to make the Python console script capture any output sent to the dos prompt and display it in the console ?

2) Does a help system exist other then the API and GE documentation ? Mainly I'm looking for a method to access Python and BPy help via the Python console :)

3) Is there a way to run through the Python script line by line ? Or run it until an error is reached then show that erroneous line of code in the console and allow the programmer to 'Tweak' it till it works and then insert it back into the original script.

P.s. I've tried all of the links from page 1-11 and none of them take you to a proper place for feature requests. All re-direct to no-existent pages or a re-direct page (which re-directs to nowhere in particular). What I post in the aboveI've already tried posting in http://projects.blender.org/ under my diary, but I have no idea if it'll be seen.
"I find it most challenging to navigate a ravine with too jumps" - Can't remember who I'm quoting I'm afraid.

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Post by wasamonkey »

milan981 wrote:It would be great if keyboard shortcuts can be changed. So that users who previously used maya. xsi, 3ds max etc...can now use Blender and configure it, to use same keyboard shortcuts as they used in their previous software .
You can through the preference window, but at the moment this is a bit difficult. First, hot keys already in use conflict with newly assigned hot keys, so this is a fun hide and seek game.
If you want to assign an action that isn't already there you have to hunt the values as they are not always clear.

It took me about 20-30 mins to figure out how to correctly call the vertices edge and face selection modes to assign to hot keys much like wings and silo.
Then came the hot key conflicts with previously assigned commands.

Sorting order alphabetically would be nice as well.

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Sequencer enhancement

Post by privateeccles »

I would like to be able to add footage from any Blender Camera in the scene into the Sequencer and edit it like a video clip. That way you could cut out the steps of having to render out the footage taken from each of your cameras to a movie file, and then pull them back into the sequencer. Instead, just do all your video editing before your render out. Imagine how much render time that would save!

This would allow you to see a preview of how the edited version of what your building will look like while you're still tweaking it.

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