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More power from the console

Post by ntroutman »

Much to my chegrin blender can already do this, I just wasn't thinking, in fact it doesn't in exactly the way I suggested and with the same syntax (minus the ablitity to pass arguements to the python script, which would still be much appreciated.)

So I leave this post here incase anyone else comes looking for it.


I have what I hope is a simple feature request and that is more power to control blender via a command line. I would like to be able to specify a bunch of options from the command line, I know that would be a lot of work so I have simple way of doing it.

Add an option to execute a python script, passing it arguments, with a certian blender file loaded without bringing up the GUI. This would act as if you had a file open in the text editor and pressed "Alt-P" but it would run the GUI, allowing it to be done via a terminal (in my case over SSH).

Here are a couple of syntax suggestions:

Code: Select all

blender -b my_blender_file.blend -P my_python_script.py arg_to_python_script another_arg_to_script
blender -b my_blender_file.blend -P "my_python_script.py arg_to_python_script another_arg_to_script"
Note the quotes around the python script to run and its arguements in the second suggestion.

This would allow for a great amount of control, particullary of intrest is over render options for doing headless renders, and distributive rendering.

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Post by patricks »

Hello every body

It would be nice if Blender could have more then only 10 as ray mirror/transparency depth. Right now I am trying to render a realistic light bulb that has inside a lot of glass and the max of 10 ray depth is not enough :( . In the final render the most inner part of the light bulb is not transparent. If I had the chance to increase the ray depth to something like 11 or 12 it would be enough. :wink:
If this is not the right place to post this request, please tell me ware do I have to post it. :roll:
I don’t think that it is difficult to implement this (it is not a new feature but still needs to be enhanced (<10 ray depth)) :wink:


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Post by elander »

Edit menu, better preferences, asset browser

http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 3241#53241

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Feature requests

Post by meverhagen »

The first feature I would like to see is:

A preview image in the font open en image open dialogs would be nice.

Something like in openoffice and gimp.
It would be easyer to find the font or image to use.

And the second feature is the intergration of the drawing tablets (like wacom) to make use of the artictic possibilities like the pressure levels of the stylus.
Now it just actes like a mouse replacement. I think the styles has more potential.

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Post by scardario »

I didn't know where could I post new requests, so I made a new topic in this forum (Hot keys in vertex group -> http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9112)
In the first message of this topic broken says that we should go to feature requests area, but I get a Permission denied message when I try to get in, the inicial announcement link doesn't work neither

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Post by elander »

Creating a normal map by comparing a decimated mesh with a non-decimated one.

The possibility to cut a mesh with another mesh(es).

Being able to "lock" a group of objects (Blender 2.41 RC3 grouping) on a certain reference object (inside the group) for transformation purposes. That is the group will be moved and transformed as a whole using that reference object transformation data and not their own data.

Or in alternative "locking" objects in a parent-child relation and being able to name these parented object groups.

Being able to group mesh elements inside an object and give them a name. Besides vertices, edges, faces we would have an extra type called polygon.

Vertex normals, tangents and vertex custom data. In general this is a bit like game properties or custom data that can be assigned to individual mesh elements: vertex, edge, face, polygon.

An extra type of game property called reference with an object browse dialog and cross-reference checks.

All this modifications are sugested thinking about game development and the Collada exporter.

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Post by elander »

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Post by Hoioh »


I use bleder to give my employees an impression of designs and design features of consumer products, I also use other software for this but that doesn't matter, Blender works just fine most of the time.

Now I have recently purchased a 3-d controller made by 3d connexion, a Logitech company. This device however is not supported by Blender and I was wondering wether you would like to/ be able to implement functionality for these devices. You would seriously make my purchase more worthwile with this.

More information on these things can be found at http://www.3dconnexion.com aswel as an SDK for implementation.

thanks a bunch.
When you have everything, all that's left is nothing.

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Post by LetterRip »

Hi there is a patch to use spaceballs in Blender patch tracker, but we can't distribute a binary that links to the SDK since it would violate the GPL.

Lukep I think has a plan that will allow spaceballs, etc. to be used without the SDK, and i think he plans to have the capability by the next release.


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Weight Painting Drag Select

Post by theteach »

In Weight painting mode I wish you could use the drag select(hotkey B) to cover an area that is to be weight painted.

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Post by coltseaver »

It be cool, oh yeah, it be cool to have the ability to "make face" or any other mesh editing while makin' multi-selection with "Bkey" without stoppin' us in our flow.
It would be pretty useful when, for exemple, you make a "serial make faces after a rip step or when you want to "connect" several range of edge.
It avoids to make "esc" after each selection and "reenter" into multi-selection mode.
Well other said: maybe it will be better to enhance the "make face" feature and make it able to "face" all selected points/edges in an efficient way (optimized quads/tris creation).
But i think the first suggested way is easier in short time.
It's a kind of workaroung to the bridge and connect tool from wings3D.


EDIT: by the way, i reintroduce my prev' ask

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Post by effstops »

Here's something that should be easy to implement.

A "Textured" drawtype in the object panel.

Right now, with an object selected you can change the drawtype separately from the viewport drawtype. You can change it to bounds, wire, solid, and shaded but for some reason it stops right there. "Textured" is not an option in this panel.

This functionality would be extremely useful when setting up sketches or blueprints to model from. The background image planes would be locked to textured mode even when you change the viewport shading mode. I'd really like to see this in the next version.


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Post by Nick_Meister »

Ok i just moved from Windows to Linux, and well unfortunately there is no motion builder and 3ds max for linux. Though ive used blender before, i was far from being happy with it. So here is my list of things to improve on and maybe add to the software.
A bitch list if you will.

1.Blender software is extreemely customizable, though it doesnt have all the features built in if you know what i mean. For example i wanted to bevel an edge, but as i found out there is no button to do it, and it was driving me crazy, so the next day i went on the irc channel and asked, and as it seem there was a python script included, which still did not work as well as the one in 3ds max. My question would be, why not make such a usefull tool built in? and maybe make it work a bit better?

2. The design work flow in blender is horrific, everything at first was hard to find, as soon as i got used to it, everything stopped working, and the program crashed. Then i guess i welded something the wrong way and it crashed again, and after that it wouldnt open. That was personally the last sraw for me and i went ahead and got myself an edu license of max, which i loved up until i switched to linux realizing that for everything under windows u had to pay, while under linux everything is free. In any case my point is, blender should be alot more user friendly.

3. I know blender handles hdr, but i wish it would handle hdr lighting as well, because for me plain reflections wont do.

4. I would like blender to be a little more animation oriented. For example, it should have a prebuilt bone structure similar to the biped in max. ALso if you make your own skeleton, and name the bones apropriately it should rig it itself. Skinning should also be simplified. Also a rig node navigator window would be nice, so you can select the nodes from it instead of rotating all over the place to select the ones you need.

5. Blender should also have an advanced particle editor similar to maxes particle flow.

The bottom line is, before blender can have competetive features(that developers seem to want instead of copying existing ones) it should get those ones out right now. And naming things completely differently is not helping people move to this package from anything else either. I think its safe to say, that commercial packages dont have the tools copyrighted(because it would cost too much money, even to trademark everything) thats why so many of them have the same thing. Its fundamentals, and i also dont like the fact that you guys named pelt mapping something that doesnt make any sense, i mean its just pelt mapping, and that method was around for a long time( i cant remember the darn name of it but it doesnt matter.)

So thats my thoughts about things.

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Post by LetterRip »

1) A good bevel is non trivial - some people have planned to look at it but noone has done a good solution yet.

2) instability when using basic features is almost certainly your graphics card drivers. There are some things that are layed out and organized unintuitively but most things in blender are fairly consistent

3) could you explain a bit more what you mean?

4) skinning is pretty simple if you use the right bone system. There are some prebuilt rigs available but none bundled. See the wiki for good rigging docs.

5) After 2.43 particles are in for a major update

Pelt mapping is not LSCM mapping nor is it ABF++ mapping. LSCM gives superior results and has only recently been adapted by the more advanced packages (Ie Modo 2 and Silo 2). Blender was the first to have LSCM and it is currently using ABF++ by default which is even more advanced. Some of Blenders naming conventions are non standard due to Blender having such functionality before a 'standard' could be said to have existed.


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Post by Nick_Meister »

ok hdr reflections are pretty basic, but hdr lighting is where its at. It maps the image in an environment around the scene(u can set it neither cubical sperical or cylindrical) then it some how figures out all the light sources and all the light properties in the hdr images, then it applies those things to the scene. So the lighting becomes realistic and the light sources setup automatically without you having to do anything. This way it allows you to add 3d objects to realy pictures/movie clips without having to match the scene conditions perfectly by hand. Though this method requires a sphere or a fisheye lens. Other than that thats one of those have to, features for anyone striving towards realism.

Oh and also i should probably add this to the wish list.
It would be a good idea to have something like a step tool in blender, so when making walk cycle animations, you can define where characters stand, jumps, or run. This would be really superb to have.

And an improved material editor, and i dont mean just an editor, an asset manager with material library in one.

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