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Post by kaeru »

Hi , just wonder if something like this is possible ?


1. Start by making a simple armature
2.change the drawing of the armature into B-bone and change their size with alt+s(we can already do this)
3.turn on "subsurfaced B-bone" and ...
4....go into "B-bone editing mode" , here we will need a tool to easily bridge B-bone like an hotkey for "bridge selected chain of bone".
5.we would be able to edit the bones shape like any other mesh object (extrude ; loopcut ;etc...), this while taking care of vertex group .

what do you think about this ?

Peace :) .

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The timeline and NLA editor

Post by Trevj »

Currently, the NLA editor does not have an option for displaying seconds instead of frames. If that featue could be added, and the Shuttle controls that exist on the bottom of the Timeline window could be added to the bottom of the NLA Editor, then in a lot of cases we wouldn't have to have both windows open.
Right now the only reason I ever use the timeline window is to be able to see time in seconds instead of frames, but I still have to have the NLA open to edit keyframes.

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Post by Kriss »


My proposition is a simple one (simple feature, don't know about coding). I'm a 3ds user but I'm learning blender at this moment, so this proposition comes from 3ds.

In 3ds while scaling and moving mouse cursor can reach the border of the screen and then appears on an exactly opposite place while you're still able to continue to move mouse (and to proceed with your operation), this way you can be sure that you will be able to scale/move to the desired state, not restricted by borders of your screen.

Edit: I found what I'm talking about in Wiki...
http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/ ... _transform

I saw this:
"[planned] Temporary user definable hotkey. For quick access to most used functions at this moment."
And wanted to ask when this is planned to be implemented?
And how, but more importantly will I be able to reassign EVERY hotkey to the desired ones? This will be good for ones like me (and will definitely benefit blender itself in a way that more experienced modelers will use it), who used to other software but then decided to try blender.

BTW, why don't use "border select" by default and when no objects are selected? I can also mention "round selection" and other modes for "border select", but that's only if more people will say this is useful...
What does everybody think?

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Post by dschnell289 »

First I'll state I'm a Blender user and lover by nature - however I'm trapped into using the awfully unstable crashing program called 3ds max (8 and 9) at work. There are two features which I think are very useful in max:

1. Edit mesh modifier. Lets say I loft a shape along a curve (BevObj shape along curve) and I want to tweak a few points along the way without losing the curve's info (ie without converting to a mesh). Adding this modifier will allow the "virtual" verts to be manually edited. This could be used for others besides a curve.

2. The maxscript listener. I don't know much python, and honestly haven't tried my own scripts in blender. But it's really handy in max when you have the listener down in the corner to do a one-liner like $.rotation.z = rnd .95 1.05 (where $ is the entire selection set) without writing an entire script.

I usually strongly dislike posts that do what I'm doing (make program X just like program Y. But I think these are two very useful tools.

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Post by TS1234 »


NEW node for composite
Distort -> Align

This can help align image to left, middle, right, top, bottom of rendered image.

this will help position images on ANY render size - at the moment i should modify translate values, if i change render size.

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Post by Gimble »

Just a small feature request (My apologies if it's already been mentioned):

Multi-subdivide for Curves similiar to the current Multi-subdivide feature for meshes.


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Re: The timeline and NLA editor

Post by leander »

Trevj wrote:Currently, the NLA editor does not have an option for displaying seconds instead of frames. If that featue could be added, and the Shuttle controls that exist on the bottom of the Timeline window could be added to the bottom of the NLA Editor, then in a lot of cases we wouldn't have to have both windows open.
Right now the only reason I ever use the timeline window is to be able to see time in seconds instead of frames, but I still have to have the NLA open to edit keyframes.
GREAT FEATURE! this is my wish too!! Sorry my english, im spanish.

You are talking about the SMPTE, i need this too, in NLA editor AND THE IPO CURVE EDITOR TOO. Im using Animation Master too and i always works with the SMPTE mode in timeline and ipo curves.

More info:


Note: Is a great idea too to include 30, 25, 24.. fps options in same toolbar of IPO CURVES and NLA editor.

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NLA icon button gui inconsistency

Post by theteach »

There is a gui inconsistency in the NLA editor. The "action" symbol also called the "shark-attack victim" icon is a button to switch between NLA Editor or Action Editor playback. No other icons are used as buttons like this in blender. By allowing the switching option to also be in the header as a check checkable item, users may be able to find this less gui consistent option.

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Action Editor Feature Request

Post by ultrabizz »

When using Blender to create characters for 3rd party game engines or just animations in general, it is usually desirable to create IK targets using things like Nurbs circles around the feet or waist or shoulders to click on and animate.

Currently the keyframes for the nurbs IK targets will get stored in the NLA editor where as it would be far more convenient to store them in the actions editor along with the bone keyframes for that action.

The work-around is to only use big ugly additional bones as IK targets if you want those keys frames stored in the action editor. Many game exporters only use the the action editor as the source of animations to export for game use. What is stored in the NLA editor is ignored on export.

I suggest that any object used an IK target should be keyframed in the action editor as if it where a bone.

Using the NLA editor for IK targets is not logical.

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Re: Action Editor Feature Request

Post by zingbat »

Blender Interactive and Localized Documentation


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Post by innactpro »

Because the way I may describe function may be completely different from the way another may describe the same function I cannot be sure if my search is actually not finding a function already requested. I might suggest that this forum, if it is not already, be purged perhaps of implemented function requests.

As for requesting a possible function, I work in specific increments and with precision. Not be cause I need to necessarily but because the voices in my head tell me to. I am coming from Cinema to Blender and, I know, I know, Cinema allows me to put numbers practically everywhere. Object parameters, materials parameters, modification parameters. Now I can precisely control where verts, edges and faces are though when I extrude or bevel it would save some time if I could specify how much extruding or beveling occurs.

Also, I went in to change the rendered background color. The RGB sliders there go from 0 to 1. RGB sliders everywhere else that I have seen are 0 to 255. 256 sliders are more standard and would make color changes a little more consistent.

As with any 3D application there are always works around and little things hidden here and there and it maybe that I just have not yet found what I'm looking for in Blender

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Post by Yaroslav_L »

I dream about build-in (internal) GI rendering engine.
Not so "dirty" like YafRay...
Not so "plastic" like PovRay...
Not so "long time of rendering" like Indigo...
And without unusable exporting scripts!
Internal GI render! YES!!!
Yaroslav Lebidko
Interior design. Arch viz.

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[feature request] extended tooltips

Post by crazyterabyte »

I've posted this to bug reporting system, but they told me to post at this forum. So here is my suggestion:

I am suggesting that blender implement some kind of "extended tooltips". I got the idea from Pixologic ZBrush software. In the following video:


the guy shows that leaving your mouse over any interface item, a tooltip is show. This tooltip has a short description (just a few words, but usually just the name of the item) and the keyboard shorcut, if exists one. But, the neat feature is that hold Alt (or Ctrl? or Shift?) while overing the mouse will display an "extendend tooltip", with a very detailed description of the item.

I think this idea is very well thought, because puts the item help just at the item itself, easily available for the user, when the user needs most.

So, my suggestion is that blender shows a short description + keyboard shortcuts (like it already does) but, when some key is pressed, it shows a long and complete description of the item.

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shutdown when render finished

Post by zord »

a simple request ( i think:) )

it would be a very nice feature if blender could shut down the computer when it's finished the render.

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Post by errik »

I know this isn't the place for it, but the link is broken.

I would really like it if you could have the option to hide groups when in sculpt mode- it makes it extremely difficult to sculpt accurately when there is another part of the model in the way

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