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I agree with you leinad13. I too would like it to be this simple. I for one don't want to implement it with Python script, or have to access the library over a network/internet. I think the best option is to create the library so you access it, the same way you access other options in blender, with a button.

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definitely a missing feature indeed. is this why the material in the buttonwindow is relative to the object selected. with such a new editor we could do it the other way around too i hope. or can we? ( i'm not using Blender for long )

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i hope i don't annoy anyone by saying this SORRY!!

but stop thinking about python coding people.
i realsie it is a valuble to for plugins but blender is now open source which means you can write it straight into blender itself.

python in my opinion should only be used for things that don't directly change the functionality of blender like make human or terr2blend.

things that do like is being sugested here should be built into the interface as a part of blender not as a second thought like a plugin.

or plugins should be able to be incorperated into the interface automaticaly.

thanks for your time :!: :!: :!: :!:

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