Any way at all to set smooth/solid on edges?

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Any way at all to set smooth/solid on edges?

Post by killpotts »

I've been struggling for a while now, I really like blender's interface but there is one thing that stops me from using it: I can't find any way to set smooth and solid on edges.

I use 3D CAD software for developing low ( IE 100~10000 ) polygon models for use in gaming engines. I have about 2 years of experience. In order for a low polygon model to look the best it can you need to have absolute control over the smoothing.

For instance, in 3DS max there are smoothing groups that allow you to have multiple layers of smoothing. This makes in possible to have multiple sides of an object smoothed how you want it.

But the best method I have found by far lies in the simple program Wings 3D. It allows the same method of setting smooth or flat ( in in wings 3D terms, hard or soft ) but unlike blender which limits you to faces wings 3D has you set smooth flat on the EDGES. This is far superior than the face smoothing and auto smooth that blender offers since you can use it to separate parts of the model much like in max but in a more direct and manual form...or so I understand. It seems that set smooth/solid is available in edge edit mode in blender, but it doesn't actually do anything. Am I just doing something wrong or is blender really without this feature?

If Blender doesn't have this, is there any way to add it via python scripting or is this just something I would have to throw at the devs as a suggestion... :P

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Post by Nikprodanov »

Sorry, i don't think you can do it for just edges... And i'm not sure how to go about it in Python either. You can do it for individual faces, but that's pretty much it.

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