UV mapping critic 2.54

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UV mapping critic 2.54

Post by ochensati » Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:57 am

I am probably late with this, but I just downloaded 2.54. I think that the amount of work that has been done is amazing. I just wanted to report a few problems and frustrations with the process.

1. Textures and materials.
The same window acts as both a global texture loader and a material texture loader. I have a project that is filled with empty texture blocks that I cannot get rid of. I have since learned that you have to create the material and then make sure that the little data path at the top of the window must be correct, and then you can add a texture.


1. Put the texture loader for the material on the same tab as the materials. This makes it clear that the texture is for that materials. The window is trying to do too many things at once and is unpleasant to use

2. You should be able to delete the orphaned textures directly from the listbox. I cannot find a method to get rid of them.

UV mapping/ Texture painting

First problem, I loaded two textures onto the material. Then switched to texture painting and nothing happened. I figured out that I needed to add a UV mapping for this feature to work. However, since nothing happened, I assumed that the program was just buggy.

1. When you try to do something wrong, the program should always indicate that it is your fault. A simple messagebox, or an error in the top bar would have really helped. A suggestion for the solution would really help.

I have still not gotten the UV mapping to work correctly. I switched to the UVmapping sheet, marked my seems, clicked unwrapped UV and nothing happened once again. Finally got an image by unhiding the mesh (it was never hidden).

My mesh is one convoluted plane with a number of boxes added it. The plane was unmapped, the boxes were not.

I then started painting. The painting did not work as the whole image was painted with one texture, even though I indicated only a small point. Sometimes the texture would go correctly, other times, it would just freak out the system.

With the 3d view on texture, I can see my UVmapped image on the mesh. When I render this, there is no texture on the mesh. I tried saving the painted image and then using it to texture the mesh, but now all I have is a black mesh.

I can delete all the materials on the mesh, and still paint the mesh nicely, but it is clear that the painting is not attached when rendering

Just thought that maybe my experiences could help a little in interface design. The program is moving along and seems to be very cleverly designed, but a little internal help would be really nice. I assume that there is a lot of error checking happening inside the program, it would really be nice if the program would indicate user error instead of just ignoring the user. Even a readable message on the console box would be a godsend.

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