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Post by drago451 »

I would like to congragulate the crew for puting this in it is asome.... it makes modling more enjoyable,so your not looking at black and gray the whole time. instead you see yellow lazors come from the verts.

Varry kool 8) , and thank you. :lol: :D

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Post by cessen »

I agree, it is a huge leap forward for the aethetics of Blender. However, there is a bug in it... perhaps I should file a bug report. Except I'm too damn lazy.

Anyway, the bug is that if you have two 3d windows open, and are editing a model with draw edges/faces turned on, then when you select a vertex in one window, the change of selection is not correctly shown in the other window.

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Post by ero »

cessen: I just noticed that too today. I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens too. YAY


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Post by ideasman »

I know its silly but ppl get attracted to programs that look cool.
The edge/face additions are nont just eye candy, they are great for working with.

Thanks dudes.

BTW I use linux and iceWM- IceWM picks up the Alt-RightClick, need to remove this somehow (not in cfg file).

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