Usage of scaling in buttons view

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Usage of scaling in buttons windows

Essential feature, dont't touch it
Feature can be dropped, still panning is useful
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Navigation in buttons view is useless
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Usage of scaling in buttons view

Post by solmax »

I'm currently working on a complete interface mockup, for some reasons i'd like to hear the community's opinion on that specific topic:

do we really use/need the scaling feature in the buttons view?

when posting replies and comments, please tell me why you use/don't use this feature.

best regards


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Post by z3r0_d »

I use it, sometimes certain buttons are necescary for me, and others are not.

For example sometimes I split the buttons window into two side-by-side button windows, where for example I would have the face buttons in the one on the right and the edit buttons in the one on the left. I zoom into both for what I need. In the edit window it is the vertex groups options, and in the other it is the paint brush options (in the paint buttons). This is the ideal setup when weight painting.

I also do the same with material/radiosity settings when trying to tune my emitter's emit value.

I also zoom when working with colorbands (I wish I could do it more there)

Oh, btw I only have so much screen real-estate, I only run at 1280*1024

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Post by ilac »

I use it a lot! I find that the buttons take up too much screen space especially once I know them by heart! So I reduce them in size and split the bottom panel to have a constent camera view in the bottom right corner.

I also zoom in for the colourband sometimes too.

Please keep it there if there's nothing gained by removing it!


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Post by Timothy »

I've only used it a couple of times, but do find it a very cool feature!! :)
so keep it in!

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vote folks, vote

Post by solmax »

i want some stats, a couple of dozens of users.

many thx in advance

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Post by harkyman »

I use it, too. With the configurability of the interface, it's almost essential. I couldn't use my lip-syncing workspace without it.

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Post by ero »

Don't touch it! It's a must!

on an 21" monitor, the buttons are WAY to big without scaling them down.


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Post by Pablosbrain »

The scaling is great... As ilac stated... once you know the buttons by heart its great to be able to shrink them down and use some of that space for other things.

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