Create copies of object with different size?

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Create copies of object with different size?

Post by mr.burns »


is there any way to create copies of objects with different size?
I need around 100 spheres they should have different sizes.
I don't want to create 100 spheres manually.
If possible I want to specify min and max size of the spheres and blender should create 100 spheres with random size within min and max size.

How can I do that?

2nd question:
Lets assume I have 100 spheres now, how can I create 100 different materials for them?

Thanks for any help / idea!

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Post by joeri »

I'd resort to python for this.

There is no "100 different spheres" button.
So if you don't want to create them by hand then you'll need to write your own script.

But manualy:
For the size you could consider randomly selecting spheres and press S with the scaling set to 'individual centers'. Hold shift to damp the scaling.

For assigning 100 materials there is manualy no other option than pressing the number button a hundred times and swipping the sliders.

Or... join all spheres ( ctrl-J ). Unwrap. Assign a texture. And separate 'all loose parts' ( in editmode P , 2 ).
Then paint in the colors in the texture.

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