Blender UV text field driving me insane!!!! -Please help

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Blender UV text field driving me insane!!!! -Please help

Post by Tru3Magic »

I've been sitting here for 2 hours now trying to figure this out, and I'm about to break stuff.
I've been googling and googling and nothing helps...

Im trying to bake an occlusion map for my character head, as I read in the blender manual that I had to do
that first to avoid the "no images found to bake to" error if I was on pc.

But I'm still getting it. Over and over it again. I've narrowed it down to my UV: text field in the map input panel.
I can't seem to write the right name - it goes red everytime :twisted:

I made a new material and linked it to the head, In the texture panel I created a texture with an image I wanna use,
and In the map input i pressed UV but it won't accept the names I put in the UV text field.

This image IS the tga image where I saved my Uvmap - and I saved it on top of the UV test image.

Please - what am I doing wrong?

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Post by joeri »

Did you unwrap your model?

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