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Additions -- Would you like to see these?

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:52 am
by Wet Sponge
Hi there,

Firstly, I know that Blender is undergowning major development at this time, so I really don't want to sound like a winer - of which I'm not!
Secondly, these suggestions are ideas and personal preferences only. I am not a developer, and probably never will be, so all suggestions listed below are of a consumer ideology.
Thirdly, it may indeed be the wrong thread to post in, but please give me the benefit of the the doubt, as this is my very first post. :D

I have just a few suggestions regarding the Blender interface / interactivity,

(The following examples are based on a Windows OS. Different OS would have to be taken into account, and therefore scripted for):

1) A shift+select interaction in the Outliner to select multiple objects (for deletion, moving to new a layer, etc)

2) A CTRL+select interaction in the Outliner for specific selections (for deletion, moving to a new layer, etc)

- The above would be useful only when a scene consists of many objects. So, instead of having to select them in the 3D viewport (which could take some time, depending on the complexity of the scene) one can select and move/delete them from the Outliner - which could be much easier to do.

3) Ability to assign jpg/bmp/png files to the splash screen without having to complie files
(mainly for those who wish to further customize Blender. It may also be easier [in the long run] for developers, etc, to add new images)

4) Better import and export for various formats (for me it would be collada), but I'm sure this is in the pipeline, and not so much a needed aspect right now

5) Append - ability to append mulpitle objects (and associated objects; such as armatures, materials, etc, [if chosen] - all associated objects, materials, and textures would be highlighted/selcted automatically, then refined by the user

Please give some comment regarding those stated above, as well as other implementations you'd like to see for Blender.
You never know, some of them may be implemented! Of course, after the bug fixes, etc, and if (on the whole) the suggested implementations warrant investigation - in regards to functionality, general usability, and needs.


Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:06 am
by simtron
In total agreement with you :)

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:48 am
by Wet Sponge
simtron wrote:In total agreement with you :)
Thank you! ^-^

I've been learning JavaScript and Java, and from my limited knowloedge of Python they're all not so far from each other. So, if the developments are not intriduced before I learn Python I'll start working on the script for it.
I'm sure there are more capable people to implement these functions sooner though. My main point is that I'll certainly script the functionality if no one has done so by the time I've learnt Python. One way or another, we will have these functionalities, whenever they will be! xD

Again, I know that on the whole they're small compared to what's to come, and being worked on, but I do think they could have their uses for a decent percentage of people.

Geek on! :D