Problem with Blender 2.58 vertexes

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Problem with Blender 2.58 vertexes

Post by cacartist »

I have been working with Blender for a long time, so I'm not new to the program.
I do have a big problem with Blender 2.58 and I feel like it's a bug. When I right-click to select a vertex on any object, Blender will randomly select a vertex at a different location. It does it, as well, when trying to select a array of vertexes on a modeled object.
This is highly frustrating! It seems like I am going back to 2.57 till this issue is solved! :x

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Post by stiv »

Blender will randomly select a vertex at a different location
Selection problems are usually do to having Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) turned on in your computer display settings. It messes with the z-buffer, which messes with selecting.

I suspect some compositing themes or window managers might do the same.

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Alldo I can't be of no help on this problem expect for saying update your drivers, i have in fact heard of this exact same problem before on blender artist so you may wish to head over there and search the forums.

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