Keymapping "search by key" option

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Keymapping "search by key" option

Post by Skaruts »

I was thinking about suggesting this, since I can see that keymap search is still not improved in 2.59. Probably I should have suggested it long ago when development for 2.5 started... But better now than never.

When creating new key configurations, I believe it would be able to have some more search options to make the task much easier. But the only option I'm suggesting for now is the "search by key" option, in which we could input the name of a key and check for more actions that would be assigned this key, making it easier to check for conflicting assignments.

On alternative, the conflicting key mapping could be colored in red to demonstrate the possible conflict, but I believe this would need much more work from the programmers... I think the previous alternative is much easier for everyone.

I know this can be done by editing the py file and searching for the key names, but neither this is newbie friendly nor very practical for anyone.

Let me know what you think. Thanks

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