EWMH non-complience?

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EWMH non-complience?

Post by dittohead » Sat Aug 30, 2003 7:22 pm

I've been having problems with blender not wokring correctly under XFCE's wm. So here's the emails I sent/recieved from the XFCE-user list.

1st email sent:

I recently updated to rc3 from rc2. After doing so I
noticed that Blender 2.28a dynamic --along with other
versions-- no longer loads full screen borderless
(default setting in blender dynamic) like it used to,
and like it does in most other WMs (all that of them
that i have tried, gnome/kde/fluxbox).

It used to load full screen borderless in rc2, and

Email back from lead developer Olivier Fourdan:

Well, blender is faulty here, it defines only 4 elements for MWM hints
instead of 5 as expected...

I've changed xfwm4 code so it reads and expects only 4 elemensts, as we
don't care about the fifth element anyway. So blender is happy now.

You can grab the source snapshot here:



another of my emails back:

I hate to bother again, but it's still not working.
It's fullscreen borderless, however the "always on top
state" is now on, now usually a problem, but

So this time instead of trying to "fix" xfce (which if
i understand isn't broken) I can try to fix blender,
or get help from a blender dev.

To do this I'll need to know what to tell one of the
devs. Something like "part X in the freedesktop
standards is missing or broken". (that's probably over

Thanks again for your time.

His response:


No xfce is not broken, nor is blender... let me explain.

belner is not EWMH. So to achieve fullscreen, it simply creates a
borderless window the size of the screen. Until here, fine.

But, in EWMH, it's is specified that docks should be placed on a above
layer. So, if an application that is not EWMH compilant is trying to
acheive fullscreen, it cannot as the taskbar will still be there, above
the application...

But xfwm4, since RC3, is able to detect when a older "legacy" app is
trying to achieve fullscreen and then automatically place that window
above so that it really acheive fullscreen, which is what is meant...
You see?

No bug here, just "features" :)



So if I understand correctly blender isn't complient with "EWMH".

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Post by Timothy » Sun Aug 31, 2003 10:34 am

sounds to me as if you can't get around the 'always on top' thing since that is done by xfwm4, since RC3.

I could be wrong though

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Post by dittohead » Mon Sep 01, 2003 2:07 am

Hmmm, it sounded like there was somehting wrong with blender. Blender not having the ewmh stuff makes xfce think that you're running a legacy app.

Either way I may have to start using a different WM/DE... :cry:

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