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Subdivide request!

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2003 7:50 pm
by madcello
Is there a way to Subdivide in impar numbers (3,5, etc...)?
If not, i think it will be a good tool!

thank you :)

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 2:08 am
by Karim
I have a related request:

Many times, I need to subdivide a matrix of verts in only one direction...

For example: I have a surface made of 15 pairs of verts, and I need an isoparm in the middle of those verts. If I select the 30 verts and subdivide, I get a total of 82 verts, when I only want 45 verts. Instead, I have to select each pair and subdivide them.

It would be very helpful in this situation (and many others!) to be able to select a series of verts, and then do a "Controlled Subdivide" where I can feed in a U/V count like "1,0" and Blender uses these parameters to determine the number of subdivisions in each direction.

In this way one could insert a plane, and with one action, turn it into a 8x20 vertex mesh.

While we're at it, The subdivide always makes triangle faces, which often messes up a complicated mesh. Can the subdivide feature eventually be rewritten to preserve the face/vertex count of the original face, or am I dreaming here?

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 4:12 am
by z3r0_d
there is the beauty subdivide function which subdivides along the shorter sides of a face (press the beauty button in the edit buttons, then subdivide)

also the lim below remove doubles effects the beauty subdivide functions.

That said, it would be good to be able to subdivide faces in a particular direction, and/or different amounts in different directions. How would you implement it? A "special subdivide" option in the specials menu?

Just half

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 1:36 pm
by madcello
I didn't now about the Beauty command, but it's a little short of features.
Maybe this Beauty is a good place (with an improvement) for especial subdivide features (par or impar stuff with x, y, z options).

What do you think? :)

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 5:12 pm
by Timothy
I think somebody already may have programmed this,.. but I am not sure about it

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 8:26 pm
by Goofster
I've coded a smarter subdivide where you can select in wich direction it will subdivide (I call it "cutting" tho)....still working on it


Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 10:42 pm
by madcello
Just want to say good work! :D