Fillet tool?

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Fillet tool?

Post by Landis »

MAYA has an option called "fillet" which enables to meshes to attache to one another kind-of like metaballs interact with one another but thy are not the same. It enables the user to model a finger...and then the palm of a hand...and then simply by placing one close to the other, it will complete the geometry neccessary to connect one to the other. I think this extra piece that connects the two is actually a mesh that can be edited as well. Now that I think about it...if I remember right, the objects might have to be NURBS but can be converted to meshes ofcourse. Anyways, the feature is pretty bad ass. Let me know if anyone knows anything about this.


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Post by dittohead »

A feature I'd like to have as well. Try submitting to the FuBo.

The only way around it (and sometimes better way) is to use curves, polys and whatnot, quite nice.

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Post by sten »

sounds like a rebuild of NURBS system :o

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Post by cekuhnen »

the filet is a pretty powerfull tool.

it is manly used in cad for smoothing edges or connections.
but with blenders nurbs tools without trim surfaces etc. i don not see a way to get it done very easy.

since also when you create a fillet you need to change the uv system as well so it creates a smooth transition from the finger to the hand without creases or seam...

with subdiv surfaces you can model the edges and when they get the model features from wings into blender than evola.

since blender has no cad structure below i thing the way with polys might be better! *for the moment*

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Post by aaron.newton »

Amazingly this post is from 2003, but the problems raised here still seem to be true!

I have recently come over from Maya, and unfortunately the Blender NURBS system seems to be missing some stuff like fillet. Not that I'm complaining, but it means if you want to do NURBS modelling you might be better off going with something like Rhino, e.g.

EDIT: this proposal looks good to me - ... nder-nurbs - GSoC anyone?
Aaron Newton

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Post by marilyn099 »

Sorry but I can't open the link.... :?
But I really interested in it, because as you've already said this issue is still true

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Post by Smudgy »

Would be fantastic to see a "Fillet" option for editing curves!

3ds Max has a great one, and adobe illustrator has a great 3rd-party plugin called "VectorScribe" (which has a very interesting approach to user interaction). I'd love to see something simlar added to Blender! :)

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Post by ldo »

Looks like it’s been done. I wonder sometimes if people bother to do a Web search before posting a question ...

Anyway: ... t-outline/ ... pt-fillet/ ... _Fillet_GL

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