Obvious important tools not implemented

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Obvious important tools not implemented

Post by Sargon »

I hate to see a weak point in Blender because I started to love this program and I don't want to switch to other program just to use these function! (I'm using Blender 2.6)

- Add a vertex on an edge : this means only one vertex appeared on edge. I'm not a professional programmer but I think the algorithm to do so is not complicate (split edge into two joined with a vertex, you guys can code this I'm sure!) and why in Blender the closest thing is select an edge>W>Subdivide and it gives out a ton of connecting edge! (Reducing as much as possible faces always better right?)

- Draw an edge : should be slightly harder than previous one but again the closest thing I found is Ctrl+R for a ring cut.

- Export .FBX with texture name assigned : Well this is not a mesh tool. When I exporting .FBX from Blender to use in Unity I must reassign the texture again but when I export .FBX from 3ds Max I won't have to. Is there a way to archive same effect as 3ds Max? I mean, It's the same .FBX format there should be some kind of 'slot' to assign that data why Blender can't do it? (This is troublesome for large object count with different textures) Oh, all texture on Blender has been UV unwrapped.

- Slice tool for any angle : I can use Ctrl+R and slice but only certain angle. How can I be like, Having a plane then use that plane to slice an object so edges appear on where I slice? (Often used to slice and then I can remove a portion of my object)

- Use viewport view as rendering camera : This is also very handy and I think it's not that hard to code. Just create a temp camera on current viewing position and use it as an input for same old rendering function then remove this temp camera.

And a few things that goes against my common sense :

- The way menu bar works : that is "File Add Render Help" on top (or bottom) of a window. Can you modify to work like Windows or Mac menu? That is when I click and click it again it doesn't disappear. And when I click on other one with previous menu still appearing it disappear but not open a new one. And I can't click on one menu and then move my mouse horizontally to other menu to explore available commands.

- Some menu like Extrude while useful when using a hotkey it become useless when clicked the button on the Mesh Tools. When I click it behave like I press a hotkey and started to capture my mouse movement for extruding which I think is useless when mouse is still at button position and can't move up that much. You should allow user to click on face and drag it themselves if they clicked on button otherwish I think this button is useless.

- If there is a button to save/load a color theme but not affecting other settings it would be nice.

This is an overall impression of a person just switched to Blender from 3DS Max because while having so many useful tools it crash so often while Blender is very stable. But Blender lacks a few things that preventing it to become an ultimate program.


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Post by Droghio »

Some of these features do have basic equivalences, many results are necessary in 3d, if you subdivide an edge the edge is no longer one solid section, it can no longer have one solid face spanning the entire edge because there is a new point in the middle.

I agree that a "draw" edge tool would be nice, but you can basically achieve the same thing by subdividing and manually making and deleting faces, "f" with three or four vertices selected to make a face.

Think about what blender would have to do for each action, it is usually not too simple.

But again blender does have many of these features, to move the camera to viewport view type ctrl+alt+0(on the num pad), it will move your camera, I don't know what your are asking about extrude so I apologize if I misunderstood, press e to trigger and extrude then move your mouse to set the direction, x,y,z will constrain to a certain axis, shift + z,y,x will constrain to the other two axes, e, then shift + z will only allow movement on the x,y axes.

Grouping may allow for importing color schemes, I do not know though.

The tools on blender are not perfect but they will get the job done well, once you get use to them modeling becomes incredibly quick. I would suggest just sticking with the program, as time moves on you will realize how to use blender to its full potiental, which is pretty high.

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Re: Obvious important tools not implemented

Post by Tehrasha »

Sargon wrote: - Add a vertex on an edge :

- Slice tool for any angle :
I believe that these as well as n-gons are being implimented in the Bmesh branch of Blender.
- Draw an edge :
Like Extruding a single vertex?
- Use viewport view as rendering camera :
Thisi is a feature I would like to see as well.
- If there is a button to save/load a color theme but not affecting other settings it would be nice.
Separating application preferences from project prefs is supposed to be in process.

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Re: Obvious important tools not implemented

Post by fyreus »

Tehrasha wrote:
Sargon wrote:
- Use viewport view as rendering camera :
Thisi is a feature I would like to see as well.
Can't you just make a viewport then add in the render preview like 2.49? I realized real time would be amazing but we do have some shortcuts.

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