New version to play with for everyone else?

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New version to play with for everyone else?

Post by IngieBee »


I was just wondering, I mean the sources are there, but not everyone knows how to compile them sucessfully. Will there be an official working program released to the masses soon as well? After all, that's the idea, right?

If so, does anyone have an idea how long?

Thanks for the info, Ingie


Yeah cmon guys!

Post by Drackir »

Some of us have waited a long time for this and then you say that Windows users can't use it??? What is this???

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Post by DreamMaster7 »

WHAT!?!?!?!? :shock: :cry:
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Re: Yeah cmon guys!

Post by Rob_E23 »

Drackir wrote:Some of us have waited a long time for this and then you say that Windows users can't use it??? What is this???
"this" is a valid point, people who have Windows may also want to use some freeware programs. Why can't you just be a nice guy and tell us how to compile it so it will work on windows? Is it really that much work to make it so a few thousand more people can experience this greate software? Why are you so offended by someone asking if they might be able to use it? I mean Blender was ported to many different opearting systems, why can't it be ported to windows(it was originally)?

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Post by Knightcon »

Just to let you windows guys know NO ONE can get this to compile yet. Though some people are making progress on Linux.
From what i've seen on this site the source still needs some work be for it will be ready. Once it is ready you should (i think) be able to compile it on windows, even if you know nothing about programming. Any ways once someone gets it to compile there should be binaries available for you to download.

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Post by microman »

i shure hope that happens soon...realy realy hope :!:

micro :roll:

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Post by jeotero »

because people that have linux may have a little bit more experience compiling problematic packages that the majority of windows users.

That could be the reason.


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Post by MrMunkily »

Repeat: NO ONE has blender working yet,
use yer 2.25 if ye've got it, and your 2.23 if you don't...

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Post by RiNiK »

I'll hope someone can compile the sources. Is there any new info about the missing libraries? :?

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Post by AshleyHarris »

I don't think windows support will ever be dropped, how many millions of people use it? Just because it's an opensource product doesn't mean it's only going to run on opensource platforms! (Linux is used by a lot of developers and as a lot of servers, but your average artist uses windows/mac, the 2 'artists' at school I taught blender have a hard time copying files off a floppy, they would faint at the sight of a command line based OS :-)

I really hope they figure out the sources soon, but, because my C/C++/whatever skills are kinda lacking, I might take a short leave from the site and come back in a few weeks.

ANyway, good luck to the people out there working on it!
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Post by RiNiK »

my C/C++ skills are too bit of rusty... I had one course at school C and C++ programming thats all and we never even touch computers at that course :) and I think it's great to have Blender on windows and mac... and there are people's whitch don't understand nothing about programming but are very good graphic artist's.

There are still hope :!:

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Post by rwv01 »

All in good time. The sources have been released. The main focus of the of this venture has been to enable the users to continue Blender's development, I think the 2.25b release was mainly an execise to get us started. As a non programer I'll have to continue to support the project in other ways. But rest assured the code jockies are hard at work bless 'm, and determined to make this happen.

Isn't this a great web site?
What a teriffic environment for this project!

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Post by Hrivelen »

I dont have C++ skills at all (by the way, does anybody know a good book ? English or german). But I think it'll take a bit more time.
And then we will have a Makefile which will work for all OS'es.
Isnt Blender highly platform independent ? (as long there is OpenGL)

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Post by forcefield »

Nikolista20 (? is that the name) got the windows version to compile, quite nicely. The game stuff does not work well yet (but I'm only here to render anyhow :roll: )

I think people should cool off, there was a lot they had to do to release this code. Welcome to open source people, if you don't do it yourself you can't complain. This is not a company anymore, it's a project and "they" don't have to supply you guys with anything other than the source code.

go to borders or amazon, buy a book on C++ and get involved.

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Post by cirkus »

just get the publisher 2.25 version, or get visual studio (visual C++) and load the project files. then you can compile

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