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Post by gorgan_almighty »

Ok we're all very excited and we all want to get our hands on the workin binaries and we all will in good time but theres no need to be rude about it, just be patient.

cirkus wrote:just get the publisher 2.25 version, or get visual studio (visual C++) and load the project files. then you can compile
Its not quite as simple as that believe me i've tried, theres lots of fiddling to do with the make files etc. Nikolista20's version works nicely for windows, see the news & chat forum for that.

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Post by RiNiK »

it doesent work like that... there are missing libraries and the source wont compile.

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Post by lesly »

I love blender with all me heart, and even though i am an artist first, I would gladly learn some programming if that can help contribute to the development of Blender.

I think we have to be in this together. This is a community right? Working together to make Blender KING of the 3d world......Maya,Max,Softimage and Lightwave better watch out!!!

About time a proper open source 3d package is here.


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Post by zbert »

This shouldn't be taken the wrong way but I can't imagine why Ton wouldn't have compiled the binaries and posted them the day Blender was freed. NAN always had working Windows binaries before. And it would be a piece of cake for Ton to compile. Why let all of the faithful struggle so when they have been eagerly awaiting the day Blender was freed. My goodness, a lot of people even paid money for a program that was going to be open sourced. And now they are left hanging and waiting without any word of whether binaries will be posted. It just doesn't seem right.

In case you are going to flame me, I have used Blender since 1.32 ( I think that was the release and have bought the C-Key, every manual, users guides, and T-shirts. I love the program. I just wish I could get a copy of the latest version. I didn't buy the publisher version because I have no interest in games development. Just modelling and animation.

Here's to hoping we see a binary soon.


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Post by madprof »

well... i think the reason that ton, or another ex-nan person didn't compile binaries on the day the sources were released was probably because they were all dead tired etc after the conferance, and setting up the server, and getting the code to be releaseable. As people have already posted, unoffical versions for windows (and linux) have already been posted on the news & chat forum. As far as I know... ton and co are still in the process of getting the development area of the new blender ready, and getting it all set up so that a proper release *can* be made. As has been shown by the sources already, making a release was not a piece of cake, more like growing the ingredients, preparing them, and then baking a cake and cutting a slice. :-)

Anyway, hope I didn't sound rude or anything, I didn't mean to be. Just be patient. an offical release will be out fairly soonish.


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Post by malkere »

Now there's a binary download of the real sh*t (publisher 2.25) for all to play with and calm down 'till the coders improve on it.

This should last you another 13 months or so (when was 2.23 release?)

Hapee Blendin'

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Post by phlip »

Once someone has got the source up and running and posted, I think a new forum should be created which is basically a "Wish List" where people who can't program well or (like me) don't really enjoy flicking through pages and pages of code looking for the right routine to modify, can post ideas for the next version for the more talented programmers to implement.

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Don't expect to much in to short a time

Post by lightweave »

Maybe you guys are mostly artist, but I'm a programmer who does 3D for fun and I can tell you that is quite unrealistic to expect such a big project to be released as source package and be able to buil din every environment.
I have worked on many large projects and I know of no one that would immediately build if taken out of the production environment and put on another machine. Making this happen takes quite some time and making a good build environment, that works on all machines and OSes, takes even more time, so cool down a bit and wait until the sources have been cleared up in order to be built.
The OS community has good people and I guess that here are also good coders at work that will make this happen, but you can't really expect that to happen within a few days. And given the amount of other work the NaN people had (I expect) you can't think that it was their top priority to make a build environment for everyone. Having the sources is already a good start so you can all start building and share your experience, if you don't have the patience.

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Post by Edgar »

I downloade the Publisher 2.25 :wink: but when I move the mouse away from the 3D windows to the buttons window my 3d window goes blank :shock: , I did install the Key Any ideas!

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Post by Aksy »

I had same error with my old 3dfx voodoo banshee card. I' hasn't had opengl.
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