crazy colours (colors)

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crazy colours (colors)

Post by steve343 »

call me crazy but i think it would be really good if blender had a few different colour sets.

blenders colour set is ok and should remain the main one for the sake of the old tutorials but i'm getting feed up of staring at a gray screen.

blue for example is much easier on my eyes it also invokes thought.
I think part of the reason blender looks so old is the colour set, so please can someone create this option.

either a few other colour schemes (with buttons in the user preferences) or even better a fully customisable colour scheme.

thanks for reading.

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Post by thornae »

This is already incorporated into Tuhopuu (the experimental code version of Blender). Patience, it will probably appear in the 2.3 release (soon).
When it does, it will be in the i window (at the top - that menu bar is the bottom of a larger window you can pull down to access options).
...because I can!

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