UnrealED camera style

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UnrealED camera style

Post by Henry00 »

Hi, I really dislike the Blender camera in comparison to the UnrealED camera, which utilizes the left mouse button to move forwards, backwards and sideways, right mouse button to look around you ( without being able to flip upside down ) and pressing both left&right to move up and down.

It is much more user friendly then rotating around a point in space you must "look-at", especially when building rooms.
The only thing slightly capable of a nice camera view would be flying mode, but that's not what I am talking about since you cannot edit anything ether then.

In case you wonder how one can use the mouse buttons since it already interacts with everything in the world, the solution would be to hold CTRL down to "touch&move" things.

I wish there was a script or addon out there that could make the UnrealED style camera possible!! :)

p.s. if someone could point me to the script handling the 3D camera that would be great too, I can't find it.
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Post by juhana »

What is status of this request? UnreadEd style is exactly like Gabriel
Knight 3 style, which I have already implemented in my private 3D viewer.

Because I need Construction Set (Oblivion) style camera control,
and UnrealEd style seems to be useful, may I suggest the following
general solution:

Implement Python script callbacks for mouse buttons and motion notify.
User writes one script which checks what was the event.
If the script returns 0, Blender continues its own routine.
For example, the script could catch only ctrl+mb1.

I'm assuming the Python has access to camera parameters.

What about this: If the script catches mb1, how to
resend it as shift+mb1?

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Post by Myrmecophagavir »

Another vote for this. I've never understood why 3D modelling packages rarely allow "flying camera" style movement. It's much more natural when navigating a 3D environment (perhaps less so for editing small objects from an external perspective, but you'd be able to toggle.)

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Post by juhana »

Something practical on this issue. My viewer uses the transformation
commands of paper Nested Transformations and Blobby Man
by Jim Blinn.

Neat thing is that both the UnrealED/GK3 style movement mode
and the turntable sculpting mode are possible with the same
camera code. That is, the switch between first person mode and
third person mode is smooth (as in Oblivion/Skyrim).

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Post by CoDEmanX »

I'd like to have a similar way of camera navigation, basically CoD Radiant style. For large scenes (especially imported game maps) it would be way easier to navigate.

It could be done similar to the Fly operator, but i'm afraid of the math involved and the Blender API...
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