The tools's set which we must to have! - Get inspiration :)

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The tools's set which we must to have! - Get inspiration :)

Post by Etna »

Looking for ideas?, it's incredible.


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Post by Monkeyboi »

Wow. Many of these features look great! Maybe we could contact the makers and get them to implenment it in Blender? :)

I think one of the first things to in Blender though is to implement better vertice/edge/face control. I think there should be three seperate mesh editing modes like in Wings3d or Softimage XSI, ie Vertice edit, Edge edit, and Face edit.

To be realistic though, I think it will be quite long before this ever happens. Unless ofcouse Ton and Bjorn (the maker of Wings3D which is also free) decide to cooperate and merge to two applicartions! That could maybe happen in Blender 3?

It would have all of Blenders functions, except the mesh editing would be copied from wings.. Oh yeah, and maybe they could completely integrate Yafray? That would merge the three best free 3D programs in the world, each program best at its specific thing! Now that would be amazing. The name of the product should be remain Blender, vecause its a blend of several applications into one consisten UI.

Ahhh.. sorry, I'm dreaming, but wouldn't this be great?

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