Bug in 2.30

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Bug in 2.30

Post by Nabil »

I found a bug in blender 2.30. When we move the mouse on a menu item before the menu is finished opening, blender acts as if I clicked that item, even if I don't actually click. My specs are: pentium 4 2.8 GHz(laptop), 512 Mb RAM, ATI Radeon. It shouldn't be too hard to fix.

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sorry, not a bug

Post by ScOrPiO »

unfortunatly i don't think it's a bug.

I have a AMD 750 Duron with a S3 32MB onboard display adapter. When I used blender it took time for a menu to appear. It also just selected the button itself. But then I tested the ATI 9200 and 9800 and also had the same problem but it drew the menus ALOT quicker. Then I got fed up and got myself the matrox parhelia 128 Display adapter. no problem at ALL!!! :lol: OpenGL is lightning fast. Direct DRAW also bloody fast. I disliked the ATI before not just of blender but also of other appz and the game Gunmetal kept on crashing. I also just upgraded my 750 to a 1800+ Athlon to get the MMX,MMX2 and SSE features for my Canopus EDIUS package.

What to look at? maybe the GPU?

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Post by stiv »

Blender uses OpenGL for *all* its drawing. Menus, buttons, rendering, everything.

The fitness of a particular graphics card/display driver combo depends on how well it supports OpenGL. Some Windows Radeon users have had success with turning off features like anti-aliasing and acceleration. Your mileage may vary.

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Post by ada89 »

Change this to suit you:

enjoy :D

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Post by Timothy »

this does seem like a bug to me,.. so why not submit it to teh bugtracker? it's very easily reproduceable I just tried it on a geforce 4 ti4200

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