GLSL materials in 3D window viewport?

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GLSL materials in 3D window viewport?

Post by jgascon »

Dear developers,

Do you know if is there a way to assign a GLSL shader to a material and to run it in 3D window viewport without using the game engine?

I explain, we are working in a voxel editor applied to medicine and currently we use a GLSL shader in order to visualize the volumetric objects.

But, we would like to display triangular meshes too, at the same time, and it could be perfect to manipulate vertices and faces inside Blender and viewing volumetric data at the same time (using GLSL).

Would you see useful to implement an additional visualization mode called "GLSL shaded" or something else in order to display materials in blender?

Let me know what you think and thanks in advance!


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