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Post by kAinStein »

Monkeyboi wrote: Hi, I'm glad you generally like it. Your suggestion on tabbing the panel with Unified Render is exactly what I proposed to do, so we agree on that.

Settings1 and Settings2 should be tabbed in one panel. I only showed both here so you could, well, see them both ofcourse!
Oh! Now I see - it was pretty messed up and not clear because i was only able to read the posting in the topic review. Actually I was really wondering why you did not put it on tabs - I already expect that good structured work from your side (I don't want to put any pressure on you!), well kinda, means I'm already used to your good proposals! :)

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Post by Monkeyboi »

I'm glad you understood it now Kainstein. You are too kind. But its great to know you like it. I hope it has a positive impact amung the coders.
Anyway if anybody has any suggestions for improvements etc. Feel free to contact me on william@shadeless.dk. Many of the proposals on the site features ideas by others etc (credited).

Not that I'm out on ideas though. Next up is a proposal on more modes (Edge and Face for modeling), and improving UV mapping.

Stay tuned!

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Post by Monkeyboi »

Hi everyone, I just added the UV editing improvement stuff I was working on. Check it out here: http://www.shadeless.dk/ui/uveditor.htm

To wet you appetite, here is a small version of a mockup included in the proposal:

So, what are you waiting for? Go to http://www.shadeless.dk/ui/uveditor.htm, read the proposal and give me your oppinion!

(Hope I'm not too quick doing this. Remember you can always comment on older proposals)

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Post by Pablosbrain »

I love it... more control over texture mapping is a huge plus in my book!

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Post by slikdigit »

Very nice! I've been unwrapping and texturing for the past week. Everything you mentioned would be a boon.
Some comments:

Theeth has a script (python) that exports a .tga image based on the uv. Only does squares, but it draws straight lines with no dots. I really have no problem with that side of things as a result.

It would be also nice to be able to highlight faces on the models, by selecting them in the uv editor. sometimes you get a stray and you have to hunt around to find it. What you have is also nice- (selecting in the uv editor based on the mesh) If I had to choose, I'd pick both options :)

Instead of having the 'select doubles' how about a 'glued' mode, where snapped corners don't unsnap. This might lend itself to more options (relaxing UVs, and any functions which require a 2d 'mesh' instead of free faces)

anyway, those are my thoughts so far.

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Post by jeotero »

hi I just somebody asking for render elements in another post and i think that this could a part of the new layers UI / features proposal ...

render elements as

diffuse only
etc ...

Just my .2 cents

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uv editing

Post by rikardb »

I would like to comment on your initial uv-editing suggestions.
They all seem great! I'm having a lot of problems in blender with this kind of stuff, particuallry when trying to edit a vertex when I want shared verticed to have shared texture coordinates.
I really miss the kind of unwrap option where each triangle gets its own part of the texture and shared vertices gets shared uv's. 3dsmax and maya has this feature. I'll tell you why it's needed. When making (lowpoly) models for games, you want to specify uv-coordinates per vertex and not three times per poly (due to the way openGL handles vertex arrays). Sure, you could specify each vertex three times per triangle, but that will give you 3*num_triangles vertices instead of the initial X vertices that almost always are fewer than num_triangles. This is very important for game performance.
As it is now, unwrapping a mesh as to keep shared texture coordinates is very difficult, a new unwrap method or "select doubles as one" as in the suggestion would really make things easier. I hope some of the coders will implement this soon, since blender after all IS intended for games, among other things.

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