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Interface window question

Post by Michus »

Hi guys,

Okay so I want to love Blender, I hear it's great for working with Unity and I love the idea. After using GIMP for some years I assumed I would be able to pick up Blender with the same proficiency but... er... well, I'll let this picture do explain for me:


I clearly do not understand how to use the Blender interface.

As far as I am able to tell, I somehow hid the main window behind all the others and then when attempting to move the "Grease pencil" window which I am not sure I ever opened in the first place, it started duplicating itself every time I tried to drag it.

Is this normal? Did I break Blender somehow? How do I use this interface? It makes no sense, and now I can't even find a 'save scene' option anywhere in the program. How can I learn Blender in a way that doesn't involve masochism?

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Post by bill2reg »

If you look very closely at the upper right or lower left corner of each window, you will see a little triangle of lines. You have to place your mouse over one of those corners, then click and drag up (or down) and you will see a large, grayed out arrow showing how the window will be 'joined' to the one above (or below). This is how you put the windows back together, so to speak. When you drag a window the way you did, you are splitting and duplicating the window. It is a little hard to get used to at first, but you will see that it works. Note that to join windows they have to be the same width (if you're joining up or down) or the same height (if you're joining side to side).

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