Noob Problem: Viewport Orbiting and Bevel Modeling Tool

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Noob Problem: Viewport Orbiting and Bevel Modeling Tool

Post by ravius »

Okay so I'm having two problems starting out with Blender 2.6.

1) The viewport orbit tool (middle click and drag) is driving me nuts because I can't fix the orbit location like you can with the steering wheel in 3ds max. I can't find anything online that helps me through this. None of the tutorials talk about it. I keep zooming in close on the corner of an object, only to want to see that corner from another angle, but I can't. If I middle mouse orbit, since the orbit point is off in god-knows-where, the object orbits way out of the viewport and I have to spend the next 30 seconds getting it back.

How can I set the center mark for an orbit?

2) The bevel tool, Ctrl B, appears to be single click. Who the hell makes a single click bevel tool? But more than that, if you bevel something with an edge cutting through the sum of the faces selected, it splits the edge into two edges. Who thought that was a good idea? All I want is a basic tool that insets, with I, then moves the face, with G. I went online to try to find someone's custom tool (it was suggested to do this for Blender 2.5 because for some reason part of 2.5 didn't even have bevel?!). Anyways, all the links online are... offline apparently. Presumably because 2.6 "has it". But not really.

Is there another bevel tool? Is there a way to make the current tool work in a way that matches the industry standard for every other bevel tool?

I feel like both of these things should be painfully basic features, but I can't seem to find any reference to them or mention of them in any of the tutorials or documentation. What am I not finding?

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